Who teaches the Teachers?

Who heals the Healers?

Knowledge is Infinite and Transformation is inevitable! 

Zee (Founder of Cosmic Journeys)


I am…

A divine, spiritual and sovereign being.

I am a Consciousness. I am an extension of Source, having a Human experience. I am the divine creator of my Reality. I am a brave, strong, knowledgeable and powerful Healer, Teacher, Starseed, Cosmic Shaman, Medicine Woman, Awakener, Lightworker, Lightwarrior and a Living Guide.

I am Balanced…. in Harmony…. and ONE with the Divine Universal Source and Energy that created everything.

I am a pure channel for this Divine Universal Life Force and Energy.

I am pure unconditional Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Truth, Wisdom and Sacred ancient knowledge.

I love, honor and thank my Ancestors, my team in Spirit, my Family of Light, my Earth and Cosmic Family, my Guides, Guardians, Source, Gaia and every other possible benevolent, high vibrational Consciousness and Sentient Being providing me with infinite and unconditional love, guidance, teaching, healing and wisdom on this journey across all Time, Space, Dimensions, Densities and timelines…. Past, Present and Future.

As long as Humanity needs healing I shall remain a Healer & a Guide, planting seeds and sharing the Infinite Wisdom which is our sovereign and sentient birth right.

All benevolence is welcome here!

And so it is…. Aho.


Another sister site is born!