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Removal of 4D implants

Etheric implants are non-physical devices that can be found planted into our energetic bodies and operate within the 4th Dimension.

There are positive implants too but the focus of this article and the linked meditation is on the negative ones.

Purpose of implants

Implant devices are often designed to keep us “asleep” and energetically tied to the 3D Matrix. They can:

  • Block the flow of certain energy
  • Keep one or more of our chakras shut down
  • Siphon off our life force (making you feel drained)
  • Keep negative programming running in our fields
  • Interfere with the actualization of our natural gifts and
  • Can also have a tagging function.

Symptoms of an implant

An implant device within the body often come with wiring, energetic booby traps, locks, plated armour and sometimes even come with a central programming unit. They are often situated close to a major chakra like the throat. As we become aware of an implant it can feel like:

  • A heavy pressure somewhere in the body or
  • It can feel like something metallic is within your body or
  • It may feel like some sort of interference, which is the implant fulfilling its designated function.

They are usually held in place by vows and agreements that must be destroyed before attempting to remove the device. Once an implant is removed there can be an ‘imprint’ left behind that will naturally clear within a few hours or at most a couple of days afterwards.

It is important to note that the best attitude to this work is one of curiosity and serenity. There is nothing to fear in this process. What we encounter are mostly old implants that have been there for a long time. Fear can certainly help to recreate devices in the body and energy fields. Once the device is gone there is no reason for it to reappear unless at some level we have invited it back.

Steve Nobel

(Positive) Ancient implant / Tag

The first implant I came across within myself was not harmful but definitely ancient in nature. I was connected to Sirius energy at the time and they confirmed that they gave me this in Egyptian times already. It served as a Tag which was basically a recorder of all my incarnations as a Starseed and a Healer.

Its goal was to record the time of an incarnation at present, the consciousness of myself and others around me. It looked like a scarab yet it was quite harmless. The Sirians and the Arcturians continue to work with all types of Healers and have been keeping tabs on them this way for millenia. The Sirians very much admire the Arcturian healing technologies and this was derived from their technology.

I did have the option to remove it or not. Seeing as it was harmless it would not cause any harm. I am still unsure whether it was actually removed as they said it’s harmless and less useful now that I have direct contact with them, which in itself makes the feedback process easier.

(Negative) Biological Implant

The second implant I came across was in the middle of my chest. I was shown a 4-point connector, almost like a plumbing connector part.

I saw a very thin, fleecy implant of a biological-looking type material, in between the already very human part of the body, making it undetectable. I was then told:

  • That every single human now has this as this is how humans (and the generations to come) were genetically modified to be born with this.
  • These implants create illness in a human, keeping them down and stuck in the lower 3D vibration.
  • A person will experience getting sick with mental issues, breathing problems, heart or intestinal issues.
  • All of the implants cause humans to suffer domination, control, depression and feelings of demotivation, ultimately bringing death, which will ensure that humans affected this way is ready to be recycled into their reincarnation system of slavery.

Removal of implants

In conjunction with the meditation, I revoked and cancelled any and all agreements I could have made knowingly or unknowingly. I reaffirmed my Sovereignty and demanded the six Arc-angels Rahphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron and Sandalphon to remove this and all other implants like it immediately! It is a good idea to follow this up with other meditations that involve Bloodline Clearing, Entity Extractions, Soul Retrievals etc. to complete the process.

I was informed that, as a healer I unfortunately cannot remove this for another though as they must do this of their own knowing and Free Will. At the time I asked what the origin of these implants were but it is yet unknown. I suspect there were many fingers in this pie…. Just look at who’s responsible for implementing and controlling the Earth’s incarnation cycles for self-enrichment purposes and you’ll have a good clue.

I honestly believe these are one of the MUST DO meditations on your path to expanding your consciousness. Please do yourself a huge spiritual favor then and DO THE MEDITATION. I would love to hear your personal feedback!




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  1. Good read. Could non removal if implants lead to Darker nights of the soul? I think implants are there to derail us.Or keep us in alignment..

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