Spiritual Ascension

Source says to tell you…. (Part 1)

I have often connected to “Source” but suffice it to say that connecting with your Higher Self (Source if you will) has never been like the Source or Prime Creator I connected with on the 7th of May 2020.

I was shown a big canvas and a painting formed on it as we progressed through the narrative. This assisted me in seeing the bigger picture but also inspired me to paint this in the near future. The Source I connected with was not my Higher Self, one of the usual guides or even a higher unknown consciousness.


Picture God, loving and all-knowing and you will get my drift. What He told me blew my mind and I actually had to stop him from showing me things too fast! Suddenly the narrative starts….

I hear His voice saying to me “Ashes to Ashes….Dust to Dust” while I am being told and shown simultaneously how a very large planet, looking very much like Earth, explodes and shatters into uncountable chunks and pieces. Some pieces are clearly on fire as they speed through space, driven by the momentum of the explosion. As this piece hurtles through space, it starts cooling off and becomes coal. The chunk of coal become diamond (crystalline). The diamonds and crystals eventually form sand and soil. All of this happens slowly over millions of years! Eventually an Earth-like planet forms.

The narrative continues: “Remember the first chunk on fire? The Source of the “Earth” finally formed? Well, it was filled with all the DNA and existing life from an Earth-like planet with life on it, just like yours are now. I have the choice to combust like I initially did to create and experience further or YOU can evolve and create more life and, believe Me, this can go on for many millenia and you can create some very weird sh** (yes, He really said it exactly like that while he laughed and did a raised eyebrow impression).

So here we are now. Gaia. Humans. Pro-creating. Perhaps just maybe already busy “creating new life” according to them and I refer to cloning and AI, among other things. This is a timeline that may evolve either way. Those who believe in the theory of Eugenics, Cloning, Futurism, AI-controlled systems etc. then so it shall be, which is creation in itself! On the other hand, your closest star families, councils, Starseeds, Earthseeds and Lightworkers who believe in the natural order of evolution (Federation) shall follow another timeline to create THEIR new “Earth”.

It is correct then that WE have never come THIS far in THIS Earth’s evolution, in THIS universe, as THIS Source! (He smiles….) Yes, YOU ARE SOURCE! Down to the smallest atom of every and anything you could thin of…ever!

I ask: If Source (from the 1st Earth exploding in the above description) was only a fraction of many being shot into the multiverse, are the rest also sources “out there”? “Yes! There are gazillions. Like Me. Like Us. You + Me. Me. I. Currently the diamond (crystalline) bodies are being upgraded now, preparing you for the shift in evolution. You see rainbow light in diamonds, right? This is your genetic and Pleiadian heritage reminders.

Source will speak. In 7 days from now I will show you a miracle. 7 + 7 = 14….. Do you remember last year when you wrote down the date 15 May? Well, you will know on 15 May 2020 what the miracle is.

You are safe. Always.

Enjoy exploring all the facets (dimensions, levels, incarnations) of your Diamond.

You and your mother are but 2 slices (imagine a slice of cake) of one big Diamond body. She hated the colour Red. You on the other hand, love it! Hahahaha (I hear the collective laughing at the cosmic humour). She hated her time on this Earth and consequently really disliked all things red, even the white ceramic vase with red polka dots you gave her as a gift when you were little. This dislike in red could clearly be seen in her rooting and grounding issues. She struggled with this 3D world as she is from a higher dimension with many abilities and gifts, not quite acceptable in her time. On the other hand, you innocently reminded her what one of your purposes here are and that is for you, the consciousness living this life, to experience everything she also had to deal with (depression, insomnia, physical pain, psychic abilities) in her time on this Earth but couldn’t cope with. You live WITH it because you chose to co-exist with this 3D experience. She chose a shorter ride and subsequently departed at age 40 from her cancer, all self-inflicted yet also pre-planned and agreed to. Do you see? Yin Yang. Balance and duality in everything, to the smallest detail and atom. Even you, this consciousness, an extension of Me, of Us. We are One ”

The next moment as I mentally step back and observe the whole picture of Creation He just explained to me, we start zooming further and further out so I may see what happens to the other chunks of burning earth that flew into space. The expansion of Creation truly is infinite and never-ending. It simply has been and will continue to do so forever. The higher densities and dimensions obviously explore these facts in greater detail and once you can grasp this you can understand how much of a “baby” we still are….

Picture God, loving and all-knowing and you will get my drift. What He told me blew my mind and like I said, I actually had to stop him as we were zooming further out into multi-verses. Our human brains cannot grasp or comprehend the extent of the ALL out there and this time I knew I reached my limit. The pure thought of “Wait, this is too much for this human all at once” was all it needed to make the information stop pouring in. No further questions asked.

I was made to understand that I have now finally fully activated my Universal and Galactic chakras and that is the reason why I have been able to make more and more contact with other star races in recent years. In good time, more Galactic History and info for me to share with humanity will be received. My guides have confirmed that I am entering a 4 month healing period and that I am to have much faith in the process and to continue to work with love and light. I have been given my 2020 guideline as well as my next 2 incarnation timelines and must rest assured that much will be revealed. I will not be disappointed if I 100% trust my intuition, knowing full well where this comes from!

If you thought the Creation story is amazing, stay tuned for Part 2…. coming right up!

In Love & Light


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