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The Council of Seven (Part 2)

I was so blown away by the visions Source gave me 3 days ago. So much so that I was fearful of attempting another meditation because I am so open to receiving jaw-dropping visions and information of late. My brain actually hurts (lol) and it is mentally draining every time this happens. First I have to write all info down by hand (before I forget critical info!) and then it all has to be captured electronically. Throw in the homework (I have to Google so much!) they like giving me during these downloads and this becomes a very lengthy and tiring process. Nevertheless, it is my heart’s biggest desire to share all my knowledge with you at present. I literally have VOLUMES of downloads, handwritten and ready to be converted. I cannot wait to deliver it all to you in an exclusive and private membership area on my website in the very near future!


An Esoteric & Spiritual library with free articles, videos & links for all spiritual students exploring 3D to 5D and beyond!

This became my inspiration to create a free online library for all spiritual students. Knowledge is power and I feel we are all sovereign beings fighting a very unjust battle at present. We must armour ourselves with all knowledge out there that can empower us as Lightworkers, Starseeds and loved ones of the 3D humans not yet awake.

Most of you may be surprised to learn that English is not my first/home language, nor do I live and operate from a 1st World country like you probably do. It takes me a while longer to research, to overcome electronic challenges and the option to receive an online payment like you would easily be able to do via PayPal is basically not do-able. If comparison was my thing, you would basically call me small-fry….a nobody. Yet, here I am. I feel truly blessed beyond measure with the little I have compared to European citizens. The best of all is, I may be a nobody in the eyes of the 3D humans but I know for sure I am blessed with a spiritual connection that has exponentially developed into something not even I could argue with after many years. The synchronisities, validations and confirmations I have received are beyond a doubt there to solidify my belief in what I am getting. The fact that I am getting the same information years apart proves this. The fun thing I observe nowadays is to see how my guides expand on previous info and I believe this is in keeping with, firstly what I can handle and process, and also what humanity can process at present.

So it came to be that on Saturday 10 May I really felt the need to get back into the meditation habit and after I do the usual “I am pure Love and Light” mantra, grounding of my pillar, connecting all the way up to Source etc. I pretty quickly hear “Council of Light”…..”Council of Light”

Then I hear “Council of Seven”.

Again I said…. “Huh?! Is there such a thing? At that point the information just comes streaming in almost all at once and it felt like I am connecting years worth of dots (all downloaded during meditation over a span of perhaps 6-8 years). I see a huge puzzle forming and a great picture starting to take shape. It’s like having a hawk-eye view over a vast distance. I am observing from a very high altitude and seeing so much more!

I see the brightest light with hues of blues and silver. I see myself as I am there but in a physical form. A tall and slender girl. The other me has long, dark brown hair filled with golden streaks or highlights, tied in a neat ponytail. I look open-faced like Angelina Jolie would in a movie, wearing a tight fitting white (very comfortable) one piece (space or latex type) suit, with a silver and turquoise collar.

Then I see “them”. The Council. They are in a semi-circle around me and I know that this other “Me” is in the 7th dimension, just like I’ve been told previously my Mother, Sananda, Mary, Archangel Michael etc. were. All are Blue Rays. In order for me to make a link I had to lower my 7D vibration to a physical form while the 3D Me in this present time of 2020 had to raise hers. Meeting halfway. I sure did ask a lot of questions like I always tend to do and boy did I receive answers! I still felt the need to go and Google my “homework” in order to confirm whether the Council of Seven and Blue Rays even exist and where (+ who!) fits in there. Obviously the logical mind is always trying to make sense of things and will pipe up now and again….

The next thing I hear is “Blue Spheres”….”Blue Spheres” and with a psychic jolt I realize this is all getting beyond real. Blue Spheres? As in Corey Goode?

Then I started feeling (and seeing) myself being gently wrapped in a broad bandage of approximately 50cm, made of raw golden silk or gauzy ribbon-like material. Beautiful & fine. I was gently being wrapped from the feet upwards with this material. I felt like an Egyptian going through the mummification process and instantly I connect Ra & The Blue Avians with Egypt, as described by Corey Goode and various hieroglyphs already recorded. I’m also shown Jesus (also a Blue Ray) and his time on earth.

Memories of a previous incarnation where I am called Zara, a healer in a temple, working in conjunction with Isis and Sekhmet, pop into my head. Again I am sitting in my amazing cave home with the huge opening overlooking a canyon, a rich valley, ravine and nature. From the inner chamber (my home) I could enter the temple directly where I work as a healer with sound, vibration, magnetics and light, among other things. As I look to the far right where I know the desert meets the ocean, I suddenly hear, clear as day “Alexandria” and I know there is much activity and fighting there, perhaps the take-over that took place there in Hellenistic and Ptolemaic times? (I have received these visions before and actually had to go Google why I saw myself as a Greek-looking girl working as a healer in Egypt. I never even knew the Greeks at one stage lived in Egypt. It was also then that I learned that the Greeks actually invaded Egypt and of the subsequent loss of the Alexandria library, among other atrocities). Greeks invading Egypt? Library?

I specifically try and sense whether I am another Egyptian incarnation busy being wrapped up but this does not resonate. This then is merely to “tell me the story” so I get the background story. Again I am told “You are a Universal Record Keeper”. With my Galactic and Universal chakras activated I am now able to connect further and higher like I did with Source and other Councils. Realizing this, I think back to 2 days ago when Source told me to expect a miracle within 7 days. My thoughts clearly activate immediate responses as the Council of Seven immediately tell me without flair or dramatics: “You will receive the Aquamarine crystals that you have ordered online on 22 April already, but did not expect before the end of the lock-down period, estimated to be end of June. You will receive them this week still.”

This could have been a very funny scene in a comedy if you had to “see my face” and also notice Source sort of rolling His eyes as the Council of Seven spoiled his surprise/miracle for me. I smirked and let the thought go, obviously very excited to hear this news but also thinking “Agggg, this could just be my imagination and wishful thinking anyway.” I must add that I simply LOVE the humor I get to experience! Don’t ever, for a moment, think the world “out there” is serious, monotonous, colorless and dull, consisting of only starry night skies, black space and quantum mechanics for the serious explorers. The Universe I have experienced is extremely vibrant, colorful and teeming with life and colors there aren’t even names/words to describe the sight!

As He was still around, Source also confirmed clearly that time does indeed exist. Unlike others who may say otherwise. He was adamant about this.


He firmly stated that fractions and patterns are formed because of this. There simply cannot be cycles without time. Think BIG! We experience cycles on earth. But so do other planets around us. Saturn, Jupiter, comets etc. Think even further and larger! Where do THEY come from? Multiverses and billions of years of evolution and cycles….The dynamics may change slightly but time in terms of the Grand Scheme of Things does exist. So Source says very assuredly.

Over Easter I posted an article regarding the Shift and the expected New Earth. This night the Council of Seven chose to expand on this and told me that worlds will divide between the Lower and Higher consciousnesses as this is the natural order of ascension evolution. This does not require labeling or judgement from us either way as Earth is merely at a nexus point which has not been reached before. Those that choose to believe in the controlling and political 3D systems which we have grown accustomed to and are currently in place, shall evolve into a higher consciousness in that regard. On the other hand, others who are ready for peace, love, unity with no ruler in place (like the Law of One and Jesus tried to convey) will evolve into their higher consciousness together. This will be your personal choice and there is no judgement as all levels of creation forms Creation in itself! It’s part of the process of acting as your own Creator. By implementing your free will and choice in the matters of the world today, you are effectively choosing who and what you want to believe, be or become.

At present most Lightworkers and Starseeds are experiencing enormous frustrations as memories and truths are emerging. They wish to be rid of all the corrupt politicians, fat cats getting richer and the systems that enslaved all in that process. Yet, others love all sorts of people, love being physically creative and earning their own money, buying personal 3D luxuries and co-existing with this current consciousness. These are the ones that may choose to stick around a while longer in order to help the struggling 3D humans busy waking up. These people too are needed and as long as a planet and its inhabitants are evolving into a higher consciousness, there will always be Starseeds and Lightworkers available to assist. I know for a fact that I will come back again as I’ve been shown my next 2 incarnations! Believe me, as little as 2 years ago I too was very adamant that I am NEVER reincarnating here again! Alas, never say never…

I of course had to ask whether they are actually working with the Star Races to assist humanity during this time of the shift and they said Yes, absolutely! The Council of Seven and all other Colour Rays, Councils and Boards are observing and assisting those that wish to get onto positive timelines to upper 4D and 5D. The rest of the world shall continue with their systems filled with power play and duality, only with more “clear seeing” of what the truth is. This will result in more intuitives and system busters surfacing. Star Races of both polarities will still be around. This process is long and slow from a human’s point of view but those that chose that world won’t really “feel it” or experience it as intensely as the ones craving for 5D bliss currently do. Suffice it to say that “soon” they will again reach a nexus point, be left with a choice to ascend and/or evolve, just like now. Who knows what may become of this Creation. Everybody and anybody in the Universe is watching this as it unravels. It is the most exhilarating time to be alive as a human and the Star Families are enjoying this part particularly!

Well, the kicker to this whole session with the Council of Seven was this…..

A few days ago I decided to, for the first time ever, download a Spanish Spirit Box application, out of curiosity. I want to make it clear that I only work with benevolent and positive beings and therefore, with proper opening and creation of my sacred space I made it clear that I am accompanied by my bouncer AA Michael, the Family of Light and Team Zee. I ran the Spanish channels and very clearly heard my own unique (full) name twice as well as my name Zee a few times. This gives you quite a fright and you realize this is for real. Especially because the accents were definitely local and not even close to Spanish or English. I felt very safe and exhilarated at the same time though. This was my first ever attempt at such contact and communication and I must admit, I was very impressed with the app. Yet, I also realized that this is a realm I wouldn’t normally want to seek out unless I am specifically approached for help in my healing or shamanic capacity. This didn’t feel too “ok” and my mind kept replaying the whole exercise over and over in my mind in order to label and package it somehow. One thing is for sure, in the age of technology certain apps can also be used as a weapon against lightworkers. Be vigilant and use discernment with everything you see, read or use.

I cannot recall exactly how this came about but maybe I said this to Source a few days ago or maybe I said this to the Council of Seven during this specific session: “Once I receive this miracle Source spoke of, I promise I will delete the app and vow to never use such a thing again!” The Council of Seven said to Source (yet also to no-one in particular) that it is because I have been ready and asking for further contact and when nothing was forthcoming I basically helped myself to a form of contact which is not really in alignment with my purpose and journey here at present. Just like a child would. Funny enough I feel they may be right and that AA Michael (he’s always been my bodyguard) together with the Family of Light “told on me” and that is why this unique form of communication has started with the Council of Seven. Unintentionally I probably forced their hand by speeding up the planned contact with me. The Council of Seven also knew if I had to wait 7 days for my Miracle I am likely to use it again…. hence them TELLING ME THE SECRET! But that is not quite the kicker yet….

The kicker is the fact that the very next day, on 11 May 2020, I receive a message from the online shop that my order, despite the lockdown, is on its way and will reach me by Friday the 15th!!!!

I was sold. That same night I kept my promise and deleted the app from my phone. If EVER I doubted my downloads, guides or the info I was given then this has now just flown out the window for good. I will NEVER doubt my guides, or any team in Spirit member ever again. This was way too profound. Only by looking at the dates and coinciding events can you see the impact:

  • 7 May (Thursday) – Conversation with Source
  • 10 May (Sunday) – Conversation with Council of Seven
  • 15 May (Friday) – Package arrived at local depot!

Oh, and just to jazz things up, I’ve been pretty consumed of late with my transition from 3D employee of a corporate system to becoming my own “Boss” after receiving my “Dear-Corona-Quarantined-Employee, you are now retrenched” love letter. I’ve been so disconnected from esoteric news that I never even realized my meditations coincided with a major astrological alignment which I would not usually have missed: The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th of May!

True to its Scorpio nature my household and relationships were severely tested with emotional, passionate and loyalty issues. Deep frustrations surfaced and amplified these traits, bringing all fears of loss of control out of the shadows. Feisty. Fiery. Emotional. Just like a Scorpio! This was on the 3D physical side.

On the spiritual side it is clear that the sign’s superpower, re-birth, was at work. In hindsight I noticed how the Scorpio (which is also the Death card in tarot) movement could be seen in my spiritual evolution. Source explained Creation to me and said “Ashes to Ashes….” just like the Phoenix that rises from the ashes after Death, to be reborn into a bigger, better and more powerful form. This is exactly where I am now at this point in time in my life. Half my life I have done the mundane, slave-like 3D thing and because of recent events I have now stepped through the doorway of my grand new life. My Heart Space has made it particularly clear in a meditation last week that, for the last half of my life she only wants happy inner child memories! I am more than ready and willing to comply. I trust my ever-growing team in spirit like never before, despite not knowing what they have in store for me. This is a total 180 for this Capricorn! Like David Wilcock said a few months ago, we are building this plane as we fly it.

In the interim I shall rest and heal as they instructed me and by September I can expect clearer clairvoyance and contact on a greater level. Ever been on a roller-coaster? Yeah, this is me, clicking my way to the top….bracing myself for the exhilaration (horizon) I can see appearing, not knowing what the downhill track looks like but this will be beyond WILD.

I am super excited to find out who’s who in the Cosmic Zoo so watch this space!

In Love and Light


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