Spiritual Ascension


Coming from an ancient lineage of Healers and Medicine people I have been fortunate to, by way of many sacred journeys and meditations, carry on learning and being of service to others in this field. As a healer (among many other things!) in this lifetime I know for a fact that I am nothing out of the ordinary but that EVERY ONE OF US is in fact a healer, an awakener, a spiritual warrior or whatever term you would like to label those with “special powers” in your eyes.

You see…, we are all One!

Every human being has this incredible gift of self-healing, Awakener and Warrior traits already within him. (It’s part of our DNA and why we are so special and coveted by the DNA manipulators out “there” wink-wink nudge-nudge.) Ready to tap into, to explore, to nurture, to evolve and to use this to not only our, but also those “un-awakened” ones around us. If only we would take a step back and observe our lives from a distance. I recently had to do this again myself and made an astonishing discovery about myself….

My daily affirmations and mantras always include the terms “I am a brave, loving kind, knowledgeable Healer, Shaman, Awakener and Soul Warrior” and believe me, there is extreme power in words. Not only do you affirm but you also manifest what you state verbally. We all know the law of attraction and this is a fact of life which can alter your total existence once you are aware of it. The possibilities are legion.

Nevertheless, I digress.

I recently found myself experiencing a deep sorrow and sadness, almost like grieving over the loss of a loved one, for a week or so and by now I’m quite familiar with Ascension symptoms as I’ve experienced every single possible one out there! Being down, depressed, sad, being over-sensitive, tearful, anxious etc. is part and parcel of Ascension symptoms, Kundalani awakening and DNA upgrades. The bottom line is that your physical body is adjusting to moving into a higher vibration, preparing you for ascension to higher dimensions.  Symptoms vary and include extremes like little to extra sleep needed, terrible physical pain and discomfort, vision and balance problems, forgetfulness, intolerance for very 3D things, irritation for no reason etc.


With this in mind I acknowledged that I needed to “ride the wave”. That this too shall pass and the best medicine is obviously to let the emotion be released as needed. I’d be driving to or from work and a song would trigger me so badly that I cannot help but start crying from this intense sadness.  As I work with many colleagues and have a family at home I had to create a sacred space and moment after deciding to take one of my special meditation baths which always helps me connect to my guides and Higher Self.

Communication came through rather quick and stated that I am hurt because of people’s petty, hurtful and spiteful actions towards me of late. It stems from jealousy as I always do or say the right thing (or at least try very hard to). Jealousy over one’s earthly and spiritual ways is sure to activate psychic attacks. I happen to point out facts which people don’t like. They don’t like being made aware of their “shortcomings” or dark side.  As they don’t have much to retaliate with on me only small, petty actions can be done in return. Sometimes the psychic attacks are pretty intense but I’ve learned to do my protection and grounding several times a day which helps tremendously. To reiterate, as I state in my daily affirmations, I am an Awakener but my guides corrected me and told me I was actually an Ego-Awakener to be precise! What the hey?!

Well, taking a step back and looking back over my life I suddenly realised that I have always been an Ego-Awakener without realising the spiritual work behind it. You see, in order for us to become One Consciousness, to Ascend and evolve spiritually, the Ego has to die. One has to realise that one’s Ego is what keeps you to fight and compete with another, to argue relentlessly about being right, to have it all and more. More money, bigger, better, best. Only once you can differentiate between your Ego talking or your divine Higher Self talking can you freely move forward with love, light and peace towards yourself and those you connect with. Don’t get me wrong, in this 3D world of ours we need our Ego for survival, absolutely! But after you have secured what you had to in order to “have enough”, there only remains the entity called Ego which would like to keep you in suppression, competing with your fellow man for false status of importance. Like Dr. Phil would ask: “So, how’s that working for you?”

Personally I don’t suffer fools, egotistical or self-centred people easily and now I know WHY! Suffice it to say they manage to push a few of my buttons but I am definitely aware of it and working hard on managing myself on a daily basis. My patience, tolerance and well-meaning replies have evolved by leaps and bounds.

I have unfortunately (or fortunately?) always had the ability to always look too deep into someone’s being. I have been able to see their soul, to know their true intentions despite not being able to prove it. As a youngster few of us have tact, patience, tolerance or a loving way of approaching others when you are “tuned in” like I have been and it is only with time and much spiritual growth that I have learned how to practice the pause, not to say everything that I know about someone, to tactfully point something out without burning bridges or best yet, to just keep quiet. I have learned to not be as blunt, untactful or direct but rather take care of my words and approach when pointing things out.  I now know what Ego-Awakener job entails. I also realise that energies have grown stronger in recent years and that people have obviously become more sensitive meaning I have to jack up my approach!

My guides and Higher Self know this and ended off my meditation by making me feel the love, comfort and encouragement they provide me with the exclamation on the fact that I am very loved, valued and very well protected every single day.

Be sure to know with certainty that you TOO are a healer and an awakener!

Trust your guides (earthly and ethereal), talk, sleep, meditate and pay attention, for sooner than you think you will come to realise how very important you too are in this global consciousness being raised which will secure ascension, peace, love and unity for all of us. You may be an emotional or political awakener, an Indigo child with a big job ahead of you or an empath, ready to absorb other’s emotions in order to bring comfort to them in a very confusing time with energies tossing them about on this rollercoaster ride.

In conclusion I share with you a favorite healing ritual I love implementing – the ancient Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono. The positive, loving energy, forgiveness and friendship you send out towards an individual that you currently have an “issue” with is sure to lessen and disappear totally. I trust that on a Karmic level I have made amends with those “ego-awakened” by me in the past and know a smoother path awaits. If you are reading this however and feel you have been negatively affected by my interaction, please allow me to say to you:

I am sorry

Please forgive

Thank you

I love you


Whichever way you look at it, persevere but most importantly, discover your gift and know that you are so special, loved and needed.

Yours in Love, Light & Unity




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