Spiritual Ascension

You ARE the Key!

 12 Strand DNA is…..

  • The Key to Activation
  • The Key to Ascension
  • The Key the Cabal and their creators fear most
  • The Key to recognize the Creator within
  • The Key to activate our Sovereignty
  • The Key to activating our Free Will
  • The Key to Create & Destroy
  • The Key they’ve endeavoured to keep hidden from all Humans
  • The Key is freely available
  • The Key has been modified without our consent
  • The Key can be turned and Life as you wish it to be can activated….. by YOU!

Claim back you Key! Claim back you your divine power and your title as Creator! For you are:


 In conjunction with many mediums, channelers and the likes of Kryon and the Pleiadians I can now concur and confirm that our initial 12 Strand DNA is the Key to it all. We ARE the actual Keys that can make Ascension happen faster, bring forth the expected Event and ultimately defeat the Cabal and leave them to eat one another for breakfast once we move on to our new Earth. Let that sink in for a moment…..

At present we are but using 5% of our 2 Strand DNA compared to the 10 Ethereal Strands which are currently pretty much dormant. The limited use of our God-given DNA is what is causing us to be beyond stressed, depressed, sick and unable to cope with the demands of every day.

This secret has been staring us in the face and has actually been revealed to us in how many ways in recent years but it is so huge that words just cannot describe the magic contained in the statement:


If you are not having a light bulb yet, please read on and you’ll understand soon enough and hopefully be as excited as I am to take greater charge of my Sovereignty and reality in this time/space continuum.  Please read on to learn:

  • A detailed lay-out of each of the 12 Strands;
  • Tips on how to actually activate your DNA;
  • Symptoms of successful DNA activation;
  • What we can do as a Global Community to accelerate the process


There are truly only two biological strands. The 10 that are normally not mentioned (and not described and not see-able in 4D) are in layers within the two you can see. They lay upon the biological ones, many of them interfacing biologically with the strands that you are able to see. So, there really are two strands with another ten interdimensional aspects upon them. That is how you arrive at the 12. Do you see? Ten you cannot see and two you can.

Soon you’ll notice that the 12 Strands can also be compared with your Chacras and can most definitely also be appreciated for its numerological value.

You will note that the traits mentioned in each strand/level also correspond with each Chakra. It is said that after the end of the Atlantis era, the 5 out of 12 main chakras closed. That is because the Earth consciousness shifted its vibration from 5th and 6th (and even higher dimensions) down to 3rd dimension. In order to ascend to the higher dimensions we need to activate all 12 chakras the Chakras, including the 5 deactivated ones.

Sound familiar?

Are we surprised?

Is it surprising that even the 12 Dimensional Shield exercise brings forth unity and protection?


Everything is beautifully symmetrical, in sync and hidden within the sacred geometry of our Universe. The beauty of it all is still mind-blowing to me at times and I sincerely hope you can have a joyous “A-haa” moment like I did.


There are 4 groups and the levels are partnered within these groups:

Grounding Layers:                 Levels 1 – 3

Human Divinity Group:         Levels 4 – 6

Lemurian Group:                   Levels 7 – 9

God Group:                            Levels 10 – 12

Let’s look at each level individually (this is the exciting part, where the magic happens!)



  • The Tree of Life Layer according to Kryon.
  • It represents the Biological Double helix.
  • Numerological Value:  1 = New Beginnings
  • Basic Chakra #1 (Red): Root Chakra, Grounded, represents physical survival, ready to sprout and achieve


  • The Life Lesson layer.
  • Divine Blueprint
  • In communication and in a 4D relationship with interdimensional layer 8 (Akashic Record)
  • Numerological Value:  2 + 8 = 10 (1+0= 1 which refers and works with New Beginnings just like level 1
  • Basic Chakra #2 (Orange):     Sacral Chakra, represents Emotions, desires, creativity


  • The Ascension Layer
  • Connected with your Pineal Gland
  • Works with level 6 (Prayer & Communication)
  • Numerological Value:  3 = a Catalystic number (3 + 6 = 9 meaning Completion)
  • Basic Chakra #3 (Yellow):       Solar Plexus Chakra, represents Personal Power, ambition, anger, joy


  • One level of The Angelic Layers (works hand-in-hand with 5)
  • Your Interdimensional Akashic Record
  • Your record of who you are in the Universe and where you’ve been
  • Your name as it is written on the Crystal in the Cave of Creation
  • Basic Chakra #4 (Green):       Heart Chakra, represents love, compassion, harmony and peace. 


  • One level of The Angelic Layers (works hand-in-hand with 4)
  • Your Interdimensional Akashic Record
  • Your record of who you are in the Universe and where you’ve been
  • Your name as it is written on the Crystal in the Cave of Creation
  • Numerological Value:  4 + 5 = 9 meaning Completion)
  • Basic Chakra #5 (Turquoise): Throat Chakra, represents communication, creativity, self-expression and judgement


  • Your Higher Self
  • Prayer & Communication
  • Consciousness
  • Works with level 3
  • Numerological Value:  6 = Communication, Balance, Harmony
  • 3 = a Catalystic number (3 + 6 = 9 meaning Completion)
  • Basic Chakra #6 (Indigo):       Third Eye Chakra, represents question/perception/knowing.
  • Inner vision, intuition and wisdom


  • One level of the Lemurian Group
  • Revealed Divinity
  • Intuitive interdimensional sense as the Lemurians originally possessed
  • The ability to tap into “Universal Google” to obtain any answer to any question that ever exist
  • Numerological Value:  7 = The Divinity of God.
  • Basic Chakra #7 (Violet): Crown Chakra, represents information/understanding/acceptance/bliss.
  • Chakra of Divine purpose and personal destiny – your own place of connection to God


  • One level of the Lemurian Group
  • Master Akashic Record of your lifetime on earth
  • Wisdom & Responsibility
  • Works hand-in-hand with 7 (imagine being able to do ANYTHING but with wisdom/responsibility)
  • Numerological Value:  8 = Balance. Karmic equalizer. Create or Destroy (you decide)


  • One level of the Lemurian Group
  • The Healing Layer
  • St. Germain layer
  • Layer of Violet flame and Intelligent Human Cell Activation of DNA
  • An interdimensional antenna that talks to 1 with 4D responses to the body (listen to your body!)
  • Instinctive Healing
  • Numerological Value:  9 = Completion


  • Call to Divinity
  • Divine Source of Divinity
  • Action Layer
  • Call to understand your own Divinity
  • Remember who YOU are (the Creator in you!)
  • Numerological Value:  1+0= 1 =New Beginnings


  • Compassion Layer
  • Wisdom of Divine Feminine
  • Balanced between male and female duality
  • Pure Compassion!
  • Numerological Value:  11 or 1+0 = Prime Number and Illumination

Level 12

  • The God layer
  • Most Divine
  • God within
  • Feeling of peace, security, safety and shelter – We are One!

Upon receiving deeper insight into the above listed layers, I received a short and sweet confirmation from the Pleiadians as a collective that Humanity is not ready for Levels 7 & 8. Looking at the levels I can understand their opinion on this but also know that we have defeated the odds magnificently in the past, beyond every “being” out there’s expectation, who’s to say we can’t achieve this too? I believe we are the Creators and we can achieve whatever peace, love, unity and ascension we dare to reach for!

So what do you think? Can you imagine working through each level, working on it, reading up, meditating or studying a specific level to “activate” that which has not transpired for you yet?

Be careful though….. For example:

When you activate level 10: You give permission for the Cosmos to rearrange things around you. Some of you know what I mean, don’t you? You give permission for change. In your darkest hour perhaps you may have called out when you were in agony and things were just not going right.

That’s when the Human says, “God, who gave you permission to change my life like this?!” And I would say to you,… you did! So be careful.

Before you decide to push on that door to create the activation of any of these DNA layers, be ready for the changes that may occur in your life. This is not esoteric fluff. It’s life changing. Just ask some of those around you what has happened to them when they decided to find “God inside” of them.

If you are still feeling brave and ready to continue, let’s take a look at the various things you can do to activate your DNA!

  1. Slow down your hectic pace of always rushing
  2. Make time to become quiet, no electronics, no company or chatter around you
  3. Walk barefoot, root and get grounded
  4. Stop being a couch potato for hours on end
  5. Stop eating unhealthy fast foods
  6. Stop being a jerk to others in everyday life
  7. Stop waiting for this activation to just “happen” because you asked for it
  8. Actively study, read up and meditate on chakras and each DNA level and its innermost meaning
  9. Address your cellular structure – order it to activate your dormant DNA!
  10. Address your Innate Self – order it to activate, balance, harmonise your Chakras/DNA, keep Chi flowing
  11. Connect with your Higher Frequencies
  12. Via meditation: Balance your Chakras, clear all energetic blockages
  13. Via meditation: Activate your Light Body (Merkaba)
  14. Via meditation: Focus on Love, your Heart Centre
  15. Learn/Read/Understand more about: Sacred Geometry/Numerology
  16. Learn/Read/Understand more about: Yin/Yang
  17. Learn/Read/Understand more about: The 4 elements Earth/Air/Water/Fire
  18. Learn/Read/Understand more about: Qi Gong(often spelt Chi Kung)
  19. Learn/Read/Understand more about: Trinity (Mind/Body/Spirit)
  20. Work with: Reiki, Crystals, Energy
  21. Have: Conscious conversation with others, listen and share
  22. Become aware of: Self, Others, Earth and how the Earth’s Grid affect each person’s DNA

Perhaps you’ve already started the engine for the travel on this long awaited DNA journey and are already experiencing symptoms.  Please note that I am by no means a qualified medical practitioner and will always advise you to visit your GP or specialist when symptoms continue for too long.  Use your discernment and evaluate the following to see if these symptoms sound familiar (courtesy of Conscious Reminder):

  1. Sleep disorder, insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night. Don’t try to go back to sleep. The more you do it, the more tired you will feel. Use such moments to meditate and work on your inner development.
  2. Worry, discomfort.
  3. Burning sensation and tingling in the feet.
  4. Feeling tired and disoriented in the morning.
  5. Unusual activity (buzzing, tingling, pressure) above the head, in the area of the seventh chakra. Don’t be afraid, you are simple becoming more open so the divine energy can flow through you.
  6. Strange tingling on the skull and down the spine.
  7. Unexpected mood swings and depression that you can’t explain. There is no place for fear here. This is a sign that your heart chakra is cleansing.
  8. Experiencing nervous breakdowns or outbursts of happiness for no obvious reason. Another symptom that your heart chakra is activating and it’s making you put an end to all the negative ties you have. Get rid or everything in your life that is not on the same vibrational level with you.
  9. Constant development of situations that drive you off the rails, or encountering people who provoke negative emotions in you. These are the lessons that you need to work on. Accept them with gratitude and cut them loos forever.
  10. Weight changes (losing or gaining weight). All the fears that you need to face are resurfacing. This can make you eat compulsively, or it can go in the opposite way, and you will lose any interest in food. The food that you used to hate, will become very tasty, and the food you really liked could become repulsive to you.
  11. Your eyes are going through a change (they look heavy and tired, your sight is blurry).
  12. You are able to see small, shiny particles floating in the air, auras, even rainbows in the most unexpected places.
  13. When you close your eyes, you don’t see darkness anymore, you see light.
  14. You can also see geometrical shapes, colors and wonderful images when you close your eyes.
  15. Every color you see becomes brighter and clearer.
  16. With the increase of the level of perception you start seeing objects with your inner sight. Those are objects from other dimensions.
  17. At sunrise and sunset, using the peripheral eyesight, you are able to see white lines.
  18. Improvement or deterioration of your hearing.
  19. Increase of heart rate. 20. You may start loving some foods, and hate the food that used to be your favorite.
  20. Sharpened perception.
  21. Skin rashes and allergies.
  22. Moments of hyperactivity.
  23. Fatigue and apathy.
  24. Changes in your meditation routines (difficulty to concentrate).
  25. Increase of your energy levels.
  26. Headaches and pain in the neck and back.
  27. Digestion problems.
  28. Muscle spasms.
  29. Increased heartbeat and general heart activity and chest pains.
  30. Changes in your libido and sexual potency.
  31. Experiencing a need to stay quiet and not talk or pain in the jaw.
  32. Muscle tone reduction.
  33. Changes in your physical appearance.
  34. Having vivid dreams that contain messages for you.
  35. Things, situations and people will show up in your life and change your perspectives on life and everything that surrounds you.
  36. You want to be alone and isolated.
  37. Loss of desire to communicate with others.
  38. Creativity outbursts.
  39. Sensation that time goes by faster than before.
  40. Impatience.
  41. Feeling that you are not the same person you used to be.
  42. You feel a strong connection with the Earth and the nature around you.
  43. Home appliances and light bulbs keep burning out in your presence.
  44. All the puzzles in your life start to fit together perfectly.
  45. Manifestation or increase of paranormal abilities.
  46. Feeling of unity with everything there is. Limitless, unconditional LOVE.
  47. You become selfless and noble.
  48. Your thoughts and desires manifest much faster.
  49. Increase in activity in the left hemisphere of your brain.
  50. Vertigo and dizziness.
  51. Faster growth of hair and nails.
  52. An insatiable desire to meet your other half.
  53. Periodical depression (feeling lonely and abandoned).

In conclusion I would like to congratulate you on reading this far and with an open heart thank you. My sincerest wish is that you will be as excited as I am knowing that


I firmly believe this is a message to be shared, to be spread far and wide for the purpose of creating mass awakening among humanity. We have suffered for too long but despite this I can fully understand, forgive and even love those that instigated the attempt at destruction of our beautiful planet and her inhabitants for they truly did not know what they were doing. I can also see how Humanity’s awakening and Free Will had to play the part it did to date but I say NO MORE!





Given this I would say we are ready for Mass Meditation and a call for Major DNA activation. If you are in a position to orchestrate this mass meditation, I am first in line to join and spread the message! Just let me know when and where and I will rally the troops. Let’s do this ♥

In Love, Light & Unity



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