How cool is Chocolate?! The Ancient Mayans and Aztecs used Chocolate for Spiritual and Ceremonial purposes. In its purest form (unlike much of the chocolate available in the mainstream), it is a powerful assistant for ‘inner work’, creative guidance and so much more.

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Sacred Chocolate, Medicine of the Heart (Ceremonial Cacao) opens the Heart and Attunes the Higher Frequencies and physically, emotionally and spiritually this is exactly what happens! ixCacao (Ancient Goddess of Love and Fertility) is not a Teacher Plant who gives hallucinogenic effect nor does she serve her medicine with a silver spoon and transport you into altered realities.

ixCacao is the Sacred Handmaiden to the process of Embodiment and she assists you to move with your Heart open and your senses attuned to love…to light!

Cape Town is also fortunate to have their very own and beloved Cacao Kuchina, Lauren Amy Hofmeyr, often called Lah or Lolliee with an Ancestoral name of Gogo Maria Magdalen.

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