Full Moon Meditation – Time to Soar! 

28 June 2018

The moon itself is a large topic which should rather be left for a whole other book filled with full disclosure, but for starters, some basic knowledge and understanding of astrology, combined with observing details of when a full moon occurs, (meaning which day of which month) would serve you well in interpreting a journey.

In this case it was a Full Moon in Capricorn (which is ruled by Saturn). It took place on 28 June which represents Cancer. Cancer itself is the sign of home and mother and has qualities of fertility and femininity. It’s ruling “planet” is the Moon with traits like intuition, a loving nature and emotionalism.

I could definitely spot the pattern of a Shift occurring in my life. I’ve been seeing birds, eagles, feathers, talons etc. I would see them everywhere, from the clouds to signs on boards and vehicles. At first I thought my contract on Earth is completed for this lifetime as nobody needed me anymore. My stepchildren have a mother and a father. My partner has found his own “mind” and voice and now often speaks up, creating what he wants. It would appear he seems less “interested” in me or what I have to say. Business has also quieted down. Nevertheless, tonight I hear the words “It’s your time to soar!”.

This means it is now time for ME to live a truly soul fulfilling life. I am sure of this as I feel accomplished in all the things I have become involved in at home and at work. I live a humble life of gratitude and abundance. I want for nothing. I will now focus on moving into the next phase of my life and declare, create and demand a life which brings me absolute joy, happiness and fulfilment. Every. Single. Day. Not from an egotistical or selfish point of view but purely because I believe in the fact that there is magic in your words and what I declare will be.


(My declaration written that night read as follow):

I am Zee

I am a Capricorn

I am a Divine, Spiritual and Sovereign Being

I am a brave, knowledgeable healer, shaman, awakener and living guide I am loved and protected by the most sincerest positive and highest vibrational forces in the Universe I am the Creator, an Earth Seed, descended from Source and Mother Earth I am pure Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Sacred Ancient Knowledge, Tact, Diplomacy, Kindness, Loving, Patient, a Friend to all, loved, wanted, needed, valued, appreciated, validated and acknowledged by all that know me I am living a life of Abundance and Gratitude, thank you – bring me more! I am balanced, in harmony and One with Divine Energy

I am creative and live a life filled with Soul fulfilling events I am of service to others

I am psychic, intuitive, empathic, a healer, an Earth-child, and protector of Gaia and all her inhabitants I generate a good income by doing what I love

I am surrounded by plants and animals

I have a beautiful, cosy home where I can be creative and nurturing I live in nature

I practice my gifts to the benefit of others

I have enough

I travel and see magical places filled with beauty and rich history I have an impact on humanity and their Awakening

I am in contact with the whole Universe

I am always in contact with Mother Earth, Source, my Ancestors, Guides, Guardians, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Spirit Animals, Plant Medicine Spirits, Elementals, All of benevolent nature

I am ready to meet new Guides & Teachers

I am ready to learn and teach others

This is the start of my new phase

I am ready to accept all gifts, blessings and abundance the Universe has sent my way I have stopped all Negative Karma and this will no longer affect me My DNA is fully activated

I am in excellent health

I am pure Love, Light and Thought

I can see, feel and hear all Dimensions

I have no more filters or blocks preventing me from becoming who I am meant to be today and all the days hereafter will be the Perfect Day.

Everything I touch will go my way and beautiful, successful things will come my way I am ready to Soar!

And so it is

2020 NOTES: Affirmations work! I am experiencing all of the above affirmations on a constant basis! ~ Zee