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Earth has a Cosmic address!

Corey Goode wrote a 26 page document that was to be published by David Wilcock on Divine Cosmos after some “tidying up”  (Click here to read the full article by DW)

CG was scheduled to also talk about his very revealing document beforehand with Jimmy Church on his now infamous Fade to Black radio slot but unfortunately he ended up in the ER minutes before showtime due to bad flu symptoms. Jimmy got the heads-up text 20 minutes into the broadcast and immediately reached out to David Wilcock to jump in and cover for Corey…which he kindly did! Have a listen to the entire broadcast (Click here to listen to radio broadcast episode)

What caught my attention was the fact that DW reiterated the fact that Earth actually has a Star Gate Address!!

Did you know this?

DW obviously wrote all about this and more in his book (Click here to see book details) but in a nutshell, according to DW he met “Daniel” who worked on the Montauk Project (Click here to read what it is) or watch DW’s insight on it (Click to see David’s talk) who confirmed this for him.
Yes! There is an Ancient Stargate Network that connects all stars that had intelligent civilisations like ours on them….

Our Earth’s Stargate address is


(please note DW mentions 753847024606 in his book The Ascension Mysteries, Chapter “The Stargate Network”) and I will have to explore this discrepancy!

853 =  large segments divided by 10 (large chunks of the cosmos)

847024 = divided into 100 segments (pie shape) – we are the sub-segments (84, 70 and 24)

606 = Number of Earth (our local area)

605 = Mars

1 = Oldest planet that apparently orbits a Pulsar, has a group around them that the Vikings called Aesir or Asgard

According to this “Daniel” we found our ancient Start Gate/Portal in Egypt in the late 1920’s. Apparently you couldn’t go through it with any metal items or technology on their person. It would just be gone on arrival on the other side – hence the cotton clothing currently used.
When trying to “dial in to a planet” using these codes in order to access their portals with time travel you might find a siren going off because the atmosphere is not suitable for you! It blocks you for your own safety. This was created by a very ancient group and apparently is being kept up to date by younger groups. The sentiment is that Universal exploration should be free, peaceful and safe.  Unfortunately we’ve had some negative forces meddling in our earthly 3D affairs for a couple of hundred years but that is being attended to as we speak.
In conclusion then, go forth, be a Cosmic Explorer with me, use discernment and do your own homework with everything your read, hear or see. Oh, and be sure to share your journeys with us!

In Love, Light and Unity



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