Spiritual Ascension

Lion’s Gate Messages 8:8

(Maitreya, Blue Rays, The Sirian/Pleiadian Angels and The Lion People)

On the 1st of August 2020 I found myself noticing how 1 +8 = 9.

It would seem I have always had a brain in sync with numbers, numerology, equations and the meaning behind them. This morning is no different except that I note the 9 and how, to me, the number 9 represents the completion of a cycle or a process. From there you start again from 1.

The previous night during meditation/dreamtime I have received what would be the final piece of a puzzle in terms of a point in my personal life cycle. Since March 2020 when the Collective has given me an outline of the 6 months to follow, I have not connected or transcribed too much like I used to. Reason being, it was a time for me to focus on very 3D issues but mainly for me to mentally, physically and spiritually adjust my sails so I may create the life I know I am destined to live in this incarnation.

There is a very powerful force that has been with me since, driving me to relax more, to become more in tune with my natural day-to-day rhythm, to take a firm stand when it comes to my morals, values and sincere intentions. To heal myself so I may teach, heal and guide others while perhaps even earning a living from it which can ultimately deliver that sense of achievement I require. Over and above that, this force is making me stand taller and firmer as I overcome every obstacle. To the point where I now know that I am at a nexus point with every single thing in my life that no longer serves my Higher purpose. The last half of my life must be filled with utter joyful moments in every way, meaning that I am fearlessly walking away from anyone and anything who has ever rejected me, doesn’t resonate with me, doesn’t work positively for me, wastes my time because of emotional games, slow working technology, negative-inclined social media platforms etc. – you name it! I am prepared to drop it like a hot potato because all my life I’ve sacrificed my sweet intentions, patience and loyalty to these things or relationships to my own detriment. Well, this shall happen no longer! My cycle is 100% complete in that regard and in a spiritual way I respectfully say….FIFO (Fit in or Eff off / If we don’t resonate, then I’m sorry but goodbye, I am moving on, time is short and there is much joyous things for me to do still!)

You see, Self-love and respect is not a vice. It’s the truest form of respect and love for LIFE. You can only fully claim to have that if you can do this for yourself as a spiritual sentient being and you stop being a martyr that think only unselfish people should take care of others at their own expense as a divine Creator and explorer, incarnated here to experience, grow as a Soul and a sentient being in Service to Others. You + Others = ONE. Why exclude yourself?… Why remove yourself from that powerful equation?

Suffice it to say 2 more very prominent things happened that same day and the number 9 proved its presence fair and square!

Lions’ Gate Portal Messages

Ascended Master Meitraya

On 2 August I realise that the Lions’ Gate Portal shall soon be opening on 8:8. As usual, relative information and contact has been siphoning in over the last month or so and when the event is in progress the pieces come together.

On this day I made a very deep, clear and profound connection with the Ascended Master, Maitreya. He made his energetic signature known to me and I saw the following:

  • He looks very much like Jesus/Sananda with a softness about him.
  • He has brownish-chestnut, soft flowing hair down to his shoulders, tied in a loose ponytail halfway to the back of his head.
  • He has a beautiful violet all around him and I noticed a thinner inner band of light within it. Initially it was unclear and I thought it was a light green but it soon became a firm golden inner light.
  • He wore flowing white robes with a golden trim all over.

As a Blue Ray incarnated in this lifetime on Earth, I received High Frequency Ascension Dispensations as per my Soul contract from him (in 5 stages) as well as being shown the lineage of the Blue Rays, together with further in-depth descriptions on how the 9 Dimensions in our Universe works. This is info I would like to share with all other starseeds and spiritual students. If you have the time and energy, get comfy and read on!

High Frequency Ascension Dispensations as per my Soul contract

I started my meditations and started off in my own God Presence Communion temple. This is where I start with grounding of my pillar, setting up my 12D shield

between Gaia and Source for a safe session. Inside my circular temple which is huge and made of the clearest crystal, I met Maitreya in the centre of it. He appeared to me and I sensed his energetic signature and how he presented himself to me as described above.

Then he made a large temple appear in the centre of mine. It looked like it was floating above the ground in mid-space. His temple was in fact meant to be in a place of no time and no space and also connected to the Akashic Records. It was shimmering in pearly white crystalline material. From the outside it had many turrets and towers like you would see at the Taj Mahal but on the inside it was extremely bright, clear and very spacious. I entered this temple and came in sync with the no time/space frequency. I am allowed to adjust and just be in that moment of no time/space until I’m ready to move on to the next step. I was then led to a chamber at the back of the temple into a smaller room. It was more natural looking and I took my seat in a selenite-type lounger chair, like you would find next to a pool. In front of this chair was a pool with liquid light. Inside this chamber and in the water I see my own energetic signature displayed all around. There is greenery all around the pool with purple/pink flowing light in the pool. I rest on this bed and notice an older man sitting in the corner with a huge book in front of him. I just know this is Enoch again! This time he appears shorter, looking very much like a medieval friar with brown robes and curly brown hair. He doesn’t speak at all but handles the Akashic Records. In my case today he reveals a scroll and I know that this whole scroll is MY life scroll with my current life story written on it.

At the beginning of my article I stated how I presently feel that I am halfway in my life here on earth. In this moment with Meitraya I actually managed to take a stand and, whether it was because of my will to create, because of spiritual negotiation or because of the first dispensation, I know I got to decide how I wanted this scroll to be rolled up! It was most likely the latter and I ultimately decided I would like to make this a 60/40 thickness instead of the 50/50 I thought I was currently stuck with. This means that I have already lived 40% to date and 60% of my physical existence is still to happen. I mean, seriously… there is so much to do and so little time once you have managed to make the mind shifts that brings you understanding as to where you fit in on this earth!

It would serve you well to remember that I receive a lot of info all at the same time. I may be dealing with a relationship dispensation at one point but at the very same time I am also shown my Blue Ray lineage, where the Blue Rays fit into the Universal template, and much more related info. It is only by the following day that I get a chance to sit down and actually write down all the facts on each subject.

To ease the reading part on everybody I have decided to list the extra info and details within the various dispensations, as they unrolled. Hopefully it will be easier to understand this way….

1st Dispensation (Receiving the Divine Plan)

In this phase I envision those things I feel I still want to achieve. It allowed me to adapt my timeline and add more “time” to my future. I am shown an earlier download of 2019 where I see my Soul Contract as an offer to purchase for a residential home. As with any OTP, you can add an addendum, provided all parties (in this case you are the only party) agree and sign! This is what made my 50% part of my scroll become a 60% – I added addendums. You could also roll the 40% portion further back into the past and make amendments, meaning you can change an earlier choice and subsequently the timeline, which may add more time to the 60% portion.

2nd Dispensation (Relationships)

Well, in this second phase I was clearly not going to be shown any earthly relationships but instead I was again given confirmation of being a Blue Ray. I was shown Master Lady Nada, dressed up like I usually see her, and was told that she is in fact an earthly ancestor. She is one of four woman (together with four men) that are Sirian-Pleiadian Angels that I am connecting with. Blue Rays are mainly from the 7th dimension but they operate between 3D and 5D physicality. They only come when they are invited by one who believes in them, therefore inviting them into their reality. The rest of the “time” they do what all Blue Rays do, they protect. This is a universal trademark so to speak. They protect all other time/space/dimensions. As the Angels they protect the physical beings too.

I am shown 4 men on one side and 4 women on the right. I knew Sananda (Jesus), AA Michael, Lady Nada and Athena. Two men and two woman were unknown to me and it often happens that I receive further details about them months down the line. Often I have to be happy with just a name and no further info.

I am told that the name is Sirian-Pleiadian Angels and NOT exclusively Pleiadian Angels as some would make it out to be. Jokingly they said they had “tossed a coin” to see who’s name would be said first. Cosmic Humor is everywhere, even in the higher realms. I truly wish you can also get to experience it. They are wonderfully witty and love to joke and laugh, even at themselves!

They continued to tell me how not all SP (Sirian-Pleiadian) Angels incarnate but some have over earth’s history and when they did, it had always been in a protective capacity. They were like the “Boots on the Ground” in a specific time. Like being deployed, voluntarily. They were not all necessarily wielding a sword like Athena but would perhaps achieve more with words and gestures, by acting loving and protective. Some have over time started calling them Ascended Masters etc., based on their belief systems, but they are all the same: Blue Rays / Sirian-Pleiadian Angels / Ascended Masters

The same could be said of other Archangels. Their colors align with their Rays as found in the individual realm of Rays, the 7th Dimension. (more on dimensions in a moment!

Blue Rays, Sirius, Lyra & The Lion People

As stated, Blue Rays inherently protect! This is instinct! This message was given to me over and over. It is part of our DNA and how we came to be created. By right of lineage I am ALWAYS extremely protected and, because I live and practice this state of being, those near me will subsequently also always be very safe and protected in my presence. I was called to deliver a message to all Blue Rays (aware and unaware of their lineage). This means that starseeds should understand some galactic history in order to understand where they fit into the lineage. In a nutshell, Lyrans had to flee their planet after the war and beside Pleiades and other star systems, some ended up on Sirius. Over time the Lyrans and Sirius inhabitants developed a new specie whom we know today as The Lion People. They had both species’ DNA and were also a species that moved to Earth (in Egyptian time) to preserve the species from extinction. Over time they spread out and evolved but DNA stays in your lineage, no matter how many species get together to create new species. It is therefore rather easy to see that if you resonate with Lyra/Sirius/The Lion People/Egypt that you very likely come from a line of Blue Rays. Why? Well….

Lyra/Sirius/The Lion People/Egypt

Lyrans worked up to the 9th Dimension. Their physical world went up to the 7th Dimension where they mostly experienced “mental” forms of physical existence (think meditative and telepathic). In that higher dimension and state of consciousness, travelling through time (and space) became very easy and jumping of timelines no big feat. Basically, messages received now are often also like echoes from the past. Literally.

When the physical planets were attacked they reached out to others in those dimensions, among them Sirius and Pleiades. Both operated between 3D and all the way up to 7D. Of course, as the galactic wars are still raging to certain extents, The Lion People, descendants of Lyran-Sirius, wanted to move as far away as possible in attempts to preserve the species but also to start their own creation process. Among them you’ll recognize Sekhmet (Egypt), all the lion features and piercing blues all over Egypt. Also notable is the protective Sphinx, which was in fact a portal and acted as a protective gatekeeper. This used to be a “landing pad” if you could describe it that way, with entrance to the inside of it. From there underground systems would connect the city like a network. Eventually they were not fully able to preserve the species as many other species also arrived. It became too diverse and the fight over Gaia as prime property forced many others to seek a new beginning elsewhere. I am fortunate to have memories of being a healer in an Egyptian temple though and have been shown many wonderful healing methods. I am still honoured to know that Sekhmet once called me a “Daughter of Sekhmet”, which only reaffirms my lineage with them.

The Message

To get to an important part, I have to reiterate: By right of lineage I am ALWAYS extremely protected and, because I live and practice this state of being daily, those near me will subsequently also always be very safe and protected in my presence. I was called to deliver a message to all Blue Rays (aware and unaware of their lineage).

Because of the Blue Ray lineage together with the Lyra/Sirius/The Lion People lineage, it is vital that every one of these starseeds and Blue Rays be informed and activated at this very moment in time.


  • Activate your memories!
  • Activate and declare your Sovereignty!
  • Remember who you are!
  • Remember what you are capable of as a Creator!
  • Remember your birthright – You are a Creator
  • Your are a Blue Ray
  • Humanity needs you
  • Humanity needs your voice
  • Humanity needs your protection
  • Wake up and OWN it!
  • Tap into your lineage, global and universal support system
  • Upgrade your DNA if you must, especially your 5th DNA strand which equals the 5th Dimension of Emotion, the 5th Chakra (blue throat of communication) and your 7th Chakra (Blue Ray of 7D) which is your Third Eye (We must speak what we see!) Injustice? Speak up! Beautiful possible future timelines? Say it! Create it!
  • This message is not just for Blue Rays, ALL Rays should wake up and activate themselves accordingly

All of this resonate with the purpose of the Lion’s Gate Portal – Use it well!

3rd Dispensation (Physical, Mental & Emotional Health)

With this dispensation I was given a more in-depth look at dimensions and where Souls fit in. How they experience the dimensions.

I am shown my own physical body, lying on my bed and made to understand how this is my physical body. In 3D. The sketch I made is vastly lacking in glamour when I think back on how they showed it to me. To sum up the dimensions:

3D (Physical): Me. Physical body on a bed

4D (Mental): I see myself in my temple space. I can describe what I am wearing and how I project myself to look there. My instant question is: “If I can SEE myself there…WHO sees me?” I realise that in that moment that I am the Observer or the Astral Self, the one actually connected to ALL dimensions.

5D (Emotional): In this dimension you move beyond the “seeing yourself” part and you just start becoming aware of how you FEEL in that space or moment. Less physical awareness, more heart.

6D (Spiritual): This is where you become a Light Body with an individual energetic signature only. This is a Soul Cluster dimension and it’s a beautiful mix of individuals emanating their individual energetic signatures. Mine for example is Green/Warm Pink with diamond-white sparkly light and yours may be Blue/Turquoise with a yellow hue… Like tiny individual soap bubbles forming a big colourful cluster!

7D: This is also a Soul Group but now it’s like things are becoming “more orderly”. All the blues band together, so do the greens, the yellows etc. Imagine an athletes track and each lane is a different color ray.

8D: In this dimension all the Souls harmonise themselves even better and now they form a harmonious Rainbow-lit unit.

9D: Picture a gate. Once you enter through this gate from the 8th to the 9th you are now ONE with the Collective. All of the individuality is gone as there is now only the Collective Soul Group which is like Bright White Diamond Light. This is Source. Unity Consciousness. No more individuality, only One. From here you also develop Soul contracts for whatever incarnation you choose to have next for that part of your Soul extension (remember we are multi-dimensional, one Soul = many extensions having various experiences across all time/space/dimensions).

I have recently posted an article on Chakras and this could assist you in seeing how dimensions are linked with chakras and our various journeys – please check it out here!

In short I may state that it all adds up. If you think about your basic colors in the rainbow, you’ll note how they correlate with Chakras. I was told that besides the 9 dimensions and the 9 colors in this Universe, there are 22 more colours which we cannot yet comprehend or name. They are identifiable in higher dimensions and in astral worlds though. I can only speak for myself when I say that the colors I have seen are beyond beautiful and words literally fail me if I would attempt to describe it. I can only imagine why people are so at peace when having near-death experiences and start entering those dimensions…..

At a glance then we note:

  • 1D (Black = Lack of Light) form part of the duality
  • 2D (White = Only Light) form part of the duality
  • 3D (Red, Primary Color, Earth, Root Chakra, I AM safe, rooted)
  • 4D (Orange, Mental, social, relationships, I Create/Feel)
  • 5D (Yellow, Primary Color, Personal power, determination, I Do)
  • 6D (Green, Compassion, sincerity, I love)
  • 7D (Blue, Primary Color, Communication, creativity, I talk)
  • 8D (Indigo, Intuition, meditation, trust, I see)
  • 9D (Violet, Knowledge, Consciousness, Spirit, I understand)

Did Tesla perhaps mean to say that 3,6,9 could be the answer once you UNDERSTAND that you ARE a being of LOVE. One could only wonder.

Nevertheless, these colors and the Rays associated with them are primary influencers in this universe in terms of protection and creativity and it serves as a reminder to all sentient beings that they are there. They were created as permanent fixtures in this Universe’s template. Call it a perk for them but they got to choose the color of the sky (blue) and the color of a fire (red and yellow). A sunset could have been any color, right? The sky could have been orange, right? Remember them and their love, light and protection next time you see “color”.

4th Dispensation (Physical Existence)

I looked up from within my pillar and saw Infinity symbols (number 8) raining down from the very top of my pillar. Soft, violet and diamond light is streaming up and down the pillar while the golden 8-shaped confetti rains down on me like dust particles. It shimmers as the light catches it. This then is confirmation that my life (that 60%!) will be filled with abundance as I wanted it to be. I had a Soul contract to receive these dispensations on this day and I claim them now in accordance with my Soul’s plan. Everything is confirmed to be on track – You only have to look at my personal shift and the force that has been driving it this year. Yay! It’s magical and beautiful to see.

5th Dispensation (Ascension & Mission process)

This is an upgrade of my energy bodies. I’m told this will continue to happen for a few months longer like it has been since March. This will allow the energy bodies to heal, clear and become stronger and more open which will bring deeper insight and guidance required to share with fellow lightworkers, humans and starseeds. To ultimately do deeper level healing and connections as it may be required at specific times.

Sirian / Blue Ray Light Code Activation

In conclusion I can only add that I also received Blue Ray, Sirian light codes and activations. I was guided by a Sirius Overseer on the Sirius Council. He was a very friendly emissary, like someone in HR. If you can recall, I tend to ask a lot of questions but was rather drained at this stage and barely managed to get the following from him:

  • There are 12 members on his Council
  • There are 6 Overseers (he is one of them)
  • There are 6 Decision Makers (like Judges) but their identity is to remain anonymous for now for safety reasons (?!)
  • The Council of 7 that I have been in contact with are the Blue Rays
  • The Council of 9 is also the Collective that I have been in contact with. They call themselves the Collective when they communicate with me but Magenta Pixie refers to them as the Council of 9.
  • I was given a “gift” in the form of triangular shaped runes made of Moonstone. Hard like stone. There are golden letters and symbols on it, like you would see on a dice or rune stones. It was a white, translucent and sparkly stone. He gave it the name Topogeometry.

I have never heard of this word and actually had to go and “Google” it.

Would you believe this actually exists?

  • TOPO(Graphy) means Place in Greek. The study of shapes/features of land surfaces, the underlying foundation
  • Geometry means Mathematical shapes/lines/points. Space property.

My only conclusion could be that this had something to do with the secrets I know Gaia will soon reveal through her soil. In the interim, things like crop circles, sacred sites being unearthed etc will reveal many messages. Lets just hope the reason for the Moonstone gift will also become apparent soon! Until then, I leave you to joyfully create your most abundant life free of the matrix the others want you to stay trapped in. Wake up that loving and protective Lion(ess) deep within you so you may fiercely protect humanity out of love for all that is benevolent, love and light.

In Love, Light and Unity



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