Spiritual Ascension

Comfort from Ashtar

I am packed for an early morning flight to visit family and after supper decided to sit for 5 more minutes to catch up on some Destroying the Illusion. As the update finishes I spot “Ashtar Disclosure” as a follow up option and decide to have a quick listen before heading to bed.

As I am listening the energy that has been pulsing in my Solar Plexus like crazy since last night is back and with a vengeance. Not long and I find myself totally switching off from the narrating voice, it fades and again I sense/see in my mind’s eye my excited friend, Ashtar, coming through.

I am smiling as I am typing this just thinking, feeling and sensing his excited state at present. He is like a good ol’ General at War having a jolly good time when there’s action! Good action mind you.

In this case action means liberation, freedom from suppression and Ascension for all of us and this is what all of us as ONE have been working towards.

I had no intention of forcing contact with Ashtar after last time but always knew that he would come through whenever he felt he had the opportunity or need to do so. 30 Minutes ago the following came through and I have non-stop chills as I’m typing this (chills confirm truth/facts to me, many intuitives will understand what I mean by this):


Be calm beloved…. be calm….. Unpack your Amethyst…….Everything is going well.

Picture if you will a huge firework display like you would see at a New Years Eve or a 4th of July (I get visual of fireworks like in Great Gatsby?!).

There is MUCH happening now, all at once and YOU are creating it. People have realized their powers as Creators!! People are awakening at a frightening speed and this is causing extreme energy waves which is felt and experienced globally and in your solar system. People on earth are waking up to the destruction, the lies, the deceit and this has such a huge energy behind it without them even realizing the extent of their power once they can control energy. This is so powerful and should be managed with much caution and discernment for the damage it can cause (when not applied properly) can be devastating, as many have found out in the past.

Everybody is very aware of the extreme energies going around and yes, this shall subside in approximately 3 days. You should experience much calm, peace and serenity by Sunday. Unpack your Amethyst and keep it close. Keep yourself filled and surrounded with bright, white, titanium light and we shall proceed to protect you as always. We are near, we are everywhere, you are safe. Be calm, be calm, breathe, trust, love.

I remind myself to breathe deep and still ask if the energy can please be turned down a bit (like a dial) but the answer is no. I am made to understand that this energy wave is what it is and is doing magical work as it should. It was expected and we are apparently ready to handle this, albeit an intense one. I understand then that this wave shall pass and look forward to a peaceful Sunday coming and a safe flight back home!

In Conclusion

I am no longer rattled by sudden message but am learning to listen when I am being “tugged”. Be it my Higher Self, a Guide or Ashtar. Yes, there are negative around as well and they test my patience but they scamper as soon as I put my foot down. The whole size 3 of it hahaha 🙂 My ability to connect is becoming stronger every day though and my only disappointment at present is the fact that I find I can connect at the blink of an eye when I am extremely calm, which is not often. I am often tense from work and the wild energies cause much anxiety for me as a Healer and an Empath. But…. I am learning and coping. I am a warrior and will soldier on through all of this like the Divine Feminine Being I am!

In Love, Light & Unity



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