Spiritual Ascension


Most of us know by now that, as you move through the various densities (1D – 6D = PHYSICAL, 7D and up = LIGHT BODIES), every Soul’s ultimate creative mission is to reunite with Source, which by the way = pure thought! This is applicable to every single thing in creation, from lower 3D to the higher Densities. It is an innate mission, if you want to look at it that way. This is what makes us all One after all.

There are many levels of consciousness and vibration but once you’ve been able to get into a meditative state and experience that One-ness with Source, you will definitely realise how different your perception of all of creation is. What does this look or feel like? Well…. to put it bluntly, it’s like an orgasm….believe me, you will KNOW when you’ve had one! If you still have to pull the meditative observation apart in that moment in order to figure out whether you are One with Source…. then no, sorry honey, that ain’t it.

Many students in the quantum and metaphysical fields have therefor long since realised and correctly coined the statement: “thought creates”.

Dr. Michael Newton, The Founder of The Newton Institute, stated in his by now very well-known book called Journey of Souls – Case Studies of Life Between Lives (listen to part 1 via YT here) that, in ancient times in Persia, the Vesuvius had a saying: “If the Creator represents absolute good and therefor absolute beauty, it is the nature of beauty to desire manifestation”,

Which brings me to the very appropriate and most recent upload from Gosia (Reptilian Mind – Human Egregors). She does a fantastic explanation on a cosmic level of what my article (on 3D level) is actually all about today. To clarify what Swaruu meant when describing an Egregore:

Egregore is an occult concept representing a “thoughtform” or “collective group mind”, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic relationship between an egregore and its group has been compared to the more recent, non-occult concepts of the corporation and the meme.Wikipedia

Please bear in mind the wording was taken from Wikipedia and its a debate for a whole other day to explain as to just how “selective” they are in how they describe things. Occult concept? I don’t agree with that term, but nevertheless, they do tend to point us in the (semi) right direction most of the time. In this case it states clearly that it is a thoughtform and this is my focus.

What you think of is what you create.

Full stop!

Are you currently sitting at home, feeling bored and lonely, depressed, isolated? Perhaps your are sick or concerned about the well-fare of your loved ones far away, possible job loss, your loss of future income, freaking out over daily stats reaching you via the main news channels? Are you constantly checking your electronics for updates on negative current issues and actually forwarding/posting/tweeting that info to your inner circles?

If you answered yes to just one of the above questions, you are quite possibly a Spiritual Psychopath. Please don’t panic or send me hate mail, this is NOT your fault! Humanity has been trained, programmed and manipulated for centuries and be that as it may, what actually counts at the end of the day is what you do with this information once you’ve established that you are caught in this net of negativity.

Please allow me to explain my statement further as there is a cure and you have the free will (and choice!) to take the prescription your Cosmic family is offering in these times.

In order to fully understand what we’ve been doing wrong in terms of acting like spiritual psychopaths, we need to first understand the basic concept of what a psychopath is and how they act. Think Dexter….

The term ‘psychopath’ was first coined in the late 1800’s and comes from the Greek psykhe and pathos, which mean ‘sick mind’ or ‘suffering soul.’ In those days, psychopathy was considered to be a sort of moral insanity, but of course, nowadays, we know better.

First, you have to change the way you think about people and how we operate as human beings. It is normal to believe that everyone else on the planet is like us, in that they think like us, feel the same emotions like us, and understand pain and loss as we do. It is important to understand that for a few percentages of the population, this is not true. These are people that:

  1. Have no empathy or remorse (guilt) for their actions;
  2. They cannot feel emotion;
  3. Pathological lying is natural to them;
  4. They have a parasitic way in how they feed off other people to sustain their lifestyle;
  5. They find it hard to control their behaviour

My mind wandered and started seeing the bigger picture. The big picture where we as humans:

  1. Unwrap an item and drop it on the public road (we have essential services to clean up, right?)
  2. Don’t even bat an eye upon finding out that currently 801,832,258 people in this world have no access to a safe drinking water source (I just open my taps, how about you?)
  3. Find it so easy to tell a little white lie without feeling guilty (sorry Mr. Car Guard, I have no change for you today)
  4. Bemoan our lack of anything to anybody willing to listen during casual conversation (Oh guess what! So-n-so are on their way overseas again….I wish I could have THAT much time/money, pfff!)
  5. Fearlessly drop a comment on a post or a tweet without thinking of how it may influence those that see it, mentally, emotionally or spiritually (Hey, let me quickly share this post of the uneducated people cooking dogs live, its sure to get a lot of likes! People love me!)

Silly thoughts, I know. Or are they? Please go back and read the first trait in blue and then my corresponding first statement above in pink…. Go through all 5 and see for yourself whether we are not just perfectly trained monkeys.

Trained to create NEGATIVITY with our thoughts, emotions, actions.

It is of cardinal importance that we therefor immediately implement a conscious and physical shift in our mindsets. We are co-creators of the All and whenever we do (and act) in a negative way, we also create a negative Being (referred to as Egregores by Swaruu). These beings cannot create anything as they do not have the God-spark like we do but, whatever YOU creating and sharing it with the world willingly is how it spreads.

It’s not difficult to let your mind roll back over the last 3 months alone to see how quickly negative thought forms and Beings have been created and have now spread on a global scale. This is what human consciousness is! Think whatsapp, personal messages, think meme, think about tweets being retweeted etc. It spreads almost faster than the speed of light and this is what the dark forces across all levels of consciousness knew and were bargaining on.

I want to conclude with a statement to all negative and dark forces:

I say NO MORE! This is a spiritual war. A war of consciousness and we will NOT be trained monkeys in your circus anymore. We were NOT created to be psychopaths but Co-Creators of this Universe. We shall get up, decide to make a mindshift today and we will CONSCIOUSLY fight you, your negative media and your mind control methods but most of all, we will now, more than ever, go the extra mile to do the Inner Work to consciously be what we were created to be. Yes, we may fall off the wagon but we are fast learners and will get right back up.

You have underestimated us Humans. Game on!

I sincerely hope my message to you the beloved Humans are clear and that you understand how you can personally make this shift. Please go within. Investigate your day-to-day way of thinking, acting, reacting. Start small, in your own home. Expand to your place of work, your shopping outings, your social interactions. If you can tweak a few things, do so! If you feel you are 90% there, good on you – please proceed to help your human family to (lovingly) also make the shift. Remember, we are all One and only by sticking together, working and creating together can we finally turn around and say to this negative 3D earth and all it’s negativity:

Not my monkeys….Not my circus! Let’s move onwards & upwards to the long awaited New Earth

In Love and Light, always




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