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Humanity now has an official seat at a new Super Federation Council

In continuation of my previous blog (Read previous blog) which referred to Corey Goode’s recent update via Fade to Black (Click here to listen to interview) and Divine Cosmos (Read David Wilcock’s blog here) it is now official:

Humanity now has a voice at the Super Federation Council!

The Super Federation is a group of at least 60 different ET races that have been messing around with our human DNA and genetics for thousands of years without our sovereign permission or input. We’ve basically been seeded, left to evolve, depending on how they decided their “lab experiment” should turn out. NOW do you feel like a “lab rat” yet? NOW do you understand the big fight between light and dark forces, the fight for humanity’s freedom and liberation from dominance and control in too many ways to mention? The reason behind some of the ET contact or abductions you hear about?…

According to CG it seems that each of the fifty-two stars in our local star cluster have gone through similar genetic programs and these Super Federation groups have been taking DNA from all over the galaxy and blending it with us in these programs, super-charging us for Ascension (according to DW’s blog).  

After arriving at the Super Federation Base (close to Jupiter) Tear-Eir (Blue Avian) announced that the Super Federation as they knew it would soon be disbanded, as had been done in countless other star systems. This was in full accordance with cosmic law and the new Guardians would guide the Super Federation through consolidating and closing down these programs.

In conclusion to the assembly, Tear-Eir stated via Corey:

“Humanity’s “Cosmic Family” (Pleiadians?) will assist them in healing and guiding them through the management of their own genetic and spiritual growth.

This council will attend to its members incarnated on Earth, until which time humanity requests that you remove them.

Humanity will be offered an official seat at a new Super Federation Council.

These Cosmic Family members will use their experiences as a part of these programs to help guide this council in further ongoing programs across this Galaxy.

In Service to All, In Service of the One.”

Universal Freedom of Speech

Having a voice is important to each and every one of us. To be heard, understood, appreciated, acknowledged and validated is what makes a human bloom. Not in the negative egotistical way, but in a soul-enhancing way. Thanks to many who have worked hard and diligently behind the scenes for our freedom, liberation and sovereignty we now have a representative in the form of Corey Goode. Endless unselfish work, hardships and even life-threatening events had to be endured by him and many others in order for this valuable and Cosmic miracle to happen.

One such a “behind the scenes” piece of work is a special request called “Declaration of Humanity’s Sovereign Rights and Request for Representation” (Read request to Council here)

This Request was thoughtfully planned, written and covered humanity’s request in a firm but respectful manner by the author who wishes to remain anonymous. It was notorized by Justin Deschamps and then presented in person to Corey Goode who loved it! The plan was to publish it on many sites, create a petition for people to sign and then for Corey to present this to the Council at the appropriate time. It is now clear after listening to Corey’s recent update that the message/intent of this Declaration have found its way to exactly where it needed to go at precisely the right time, despite a lot of negative influences and attempts to discourage the process!

I am super excited about this achievement and what it means for us as humans! Not to mention grateful to all who risk their lives (and their time) for the sake of all of us. Together WE ARE ONE and this is a victory of Cosmic proportions indeed.

In Love, Light & Unity

Zee ♥


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  1. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT. I am humbled by so many light-workers on and off planet in their selfless efforts to unchain Humanity. Blessed Be The Light Eternally ~~

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