Iboga Treatment

Tabernanthe Iboga (or simply Iboga) is a perennial rainforest shrub and psychedelic, native to western Central Africa.

Ibogaine allows the brain to enter a waking REM state where memories, life experiences and issues of trauma are processed in a subjective manner. Mostly, at the root of any given destructive behavioural pattern or coping mechanism was a repressed trauma which Ibogaine allowed access to while resetting the reward pathway and preventing withdrawal symptoms by 95% or more! Ibogaine successfully negates the craving associated with opiates like Heroin and Oxycontin, Cocaine, Methamphetamine (TIK), alcohol and nicotine.

Ibogaine has been used in treating or facilitating the following:

Opiate dependence
Cocaine dependance
Methamphetamine (TIK) addiction
Alcoholism-Binge drinking
Nicotine addiction
Eating disorders
Repressed trauma
Self awareness
Spiritual upliftment and development

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I believe that, unless you are a Walk-in, a Hybrid, or a cosmic visitor to earth, we, as humans, all have an innate yearning to find out the deeper meaning of our existence. I have always had a natural and deeper connection and like they say, the more you know, the more you want to know!

About 10 years ago I became interested in learning more about Iboga, a natural plant root used very successfully in treating severe addictions like cocaine and alcohol for example while in a sacred setting. The fact that there was such a healing centre on my doorstep opened the doors of possibilities into exploring my deep love and affinity with Earth, tribes, cultures and sacred ceremonies honouring the All that Is. I am fascinated with the magic of Gaia and her natural healing abilities, more so because it also heals the spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, not just the physical one.

To date I have not taken part in an Iboga ceremony although it is still on my “bucket list” as a spiritual explorer. The interest in Iboga though sparked the exploration of plant medicines as a whole and the next thing I know I was introduced to a wonderful teacher and healer, Mother Ayahuasca (https://cosmic-journeys.com/cool-links/ayahuasca/ ) This introduction opened the doors to the knowledge I hungered for. I have never looked back since and to this day I hold the utmost respect for this Plant Spirit, her gentle but firm teachings and the fruits her insights bore into my life ever since. She deserves a proper introduction and I am privileged to share my first encounter with her with you on this site.