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The Age of Action

The Age of Action is here….

Aquarius is the water-bearer, pouring the Water of Life upon the ground so that the crops will grow. This is his mission: to sow the seeds for the brave new world that is to come.

To some this may just be a reminder of a “hippie song” they once heard called The Age of Aquarius, not really grasping what the meaning behind it was.

Most of us have been very aware of “The Shift” happening since the 70’s though. More mature Lightworkers will especially remember being part of that era that displayed the colorful and carefree world everyone wanted to live in. Some (by now self-identified) Indigo children were subsequently born in the seventies and were part of the fast-escalating world of technology, music and entertainment. They literally came in to bulldoze the old systems out of the way so the New Crystal and Rainbow children may shine their wisdom and guide us all into the new Golden Age.

Which brings us to today. As humans, regardless of gender, age or race, we can now take a step back, observe the world we live in and honestly declare that the Age of Aquarius is definitely here.

To me this truly is synonymous with planting seeds and pouring the water on those planted seeds. We are no longer ploughing the land as the Indigo’s have done a splendid job in prepping it to date. The time has come to go over into action though and to me this translates to:

Action speaks louder than words!

As Sovereign Beings that have started waking up to the manipulation and abuse enforced on humanity by the elite, the governments, secret agendas and programmes, off-planet interference etc, we now realize that we can no longer sit back and just “observe” the abuse going on, carry on “just talking/complaining” about it on social media platforms or “accept” the never-ending apologies for the mis-deeds as they are revealed by the opposition.

No! The time has come to stand up and to do like the saying says:



The time has come to actually BE brave, man up, speak up and to physically/verbally/emotionally take a stand to all that is unfair, unjust and just not in resonance with the New Earth we wish to live on anymore.

We, the humanity of this beautiful Earth are the boots on the ground, the soldiers that have to take a stance, the first ones to verbally stand up against never ending apologies which never result in better behaviours. Our quiescency in this day and age is no better than an abused spouse that continues to accept apologies and grand gestures the day after a severe pummeling. Both behaviours are done out of habit and not because there is an ounce of insight or respect for the real issue/person at hand.

How do we do this?

We take action by:

  • Speaking our truth with love.
  • We stop being afraid of acting a certain way because we are forever threatened and living in fear of another’s retaliation.
  • We stand in our truth and stand up for what we believe in in a peaceful yet forceful and Sovereign manner.
  • We live in faith that if we do what we feel sits right in your heart and soul, that the Universe will guide and protect you.
  • You trust the divine plan that you will be taken care of in every regard, especially those that hold you back in fear. Be it the loss of a toxic relationship you cannot let go of because of co-dependency issues, or the fear of not being able to survive financially if you take a stance. Have Trust and Faith.

This is true divinity and honoring of the Sovereign being you are as an individual, resulting in a global shift in consciousness.

ACTION is therefor what now starts making the impact on this world. More so than continuous hollow words filled with empty and repetitive apologies/promises

You only need to look and listen to those around you to note how visibly frustrated everyone around us are! People demanding ACTION is starting to filter through the consciousness as they demand visible action from political figures, not just empty promises that could win them the next election…. They want to see changed behaviour in an abusive spouse that claims to love them…. Parents want to see that life lessons have turned into community-approved actions as their children mature.

Gone are the days of sitting on the side-line like a grumpy grandpa on his lawn chair spewing insults at others passing by. This is nothing more than old energy and judgemental behaviour that does not resonate with the fair and free new world we all want to live in. Please let go of the labels you like to place on another….. “Oh, they’re New Age”….. “Oh, they’re such heathens”….”Oh, they are such racists”. Kindly remember:

What you see in another exists in yourself.

Instead, perhaps you could ACT by keeping quiet if you have no kind word about another, before you insult, TAKE NOTICE how unique each individual possibly is and what their gifts/talents can contribute to making your world better. If anything, at least TRUST in the Divinity of our Universe to take care of the nefarious ones while you focus on BEING the positive change.

In love and light, as always



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  1. Very good . Aquarius is here. I see the age of Pices we were fish out of water. In Aquarius we are the fish in the water… Lots of nice other ways to handle things inside the water like you mentioned. Many new “watertools” to use… Thank you

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