Spiritual Ascension

Onwards to OnStellar!

You can’t keep a good a good woman down….

I am grateful to those worked hard behind the scenes for months on end to bring us


Cosmic Journeys is grateful to continue the work started on the Cosmic Journeys Facebook group which was unfortunately very short-lived due to FB’s petty “terms”. It resulted in Zee being deleted off FB by FB altogether and together with it the only admin! The group still exists but it’s dormant as there is no admin to approve posts, etc.


I hereby invite you to please enjoy the migration with me and so many others to OnStellar and look me up under:

Cosmic Zee

I am especially proud to say that my very first friend on OnStellar is David Wilcock and I believe if it wasn’t for him (later Corey Goode + the rest of the legends!) I would not be who and what I am today.  I totally love my community, my abilities, my purpose and the future that awaits us all!

Your favorite teachers, writes, conspiracy theorist and radio personalities are already very active and we are ready to GET TO WORK! Are you?

This is your exclusive invite and I look forward to continue our friendship and work towards raising our community’s consciousness, fighting the dark forces and being Love & Light as far as possible.

In Love & Light



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