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The 8/8/20 Lion’s Gate Round Trip

This is the last article of the 2020 Lion’s Gate Portal Trilogy so to speak…

In case you missed the first two articles, please also check out Lion’s Gate Messages 8:8 followed by Lion’s Gate Gratitude – The Portal is open.

Well, I can assure you this was not just a quick portal trip filled with my declarations and affirmations of Sovereignty and wishes of abundant creativity. This was literally a round trip for me on a deep and personal level and I feel like one who just received a huge gift by way of insight from the Universe and all the stars that aligned on this beautiful occasion.

You see, over the last 5 years I’ve been shown snippets of my lineage. Like puzzle pieces. Subsequently I’ve build up information from various guides in terms of:

  • Pre-Lemurian civilisations
  • Lemuria
  • Atlantis
  • Tribal lineages
  • Egyptian/Mediterranean lineages
  • 1800’s – 1900’s
  • Pleiadian/Sirius/Orion/Lyra & Vega details
  • Inner Earth and the Elven/Anshar


This journey started with so much info given to me by a petite slender lady. She repeatedly let me hear Mia Ma’at (perhaps spelled Mea Ma’at ?). My conscious mind often tend to argue a name like this by saying to me it’s just my imagination, that I must have seen such a name on Facebook or somewhere else. By now I’ve learned not to argue with them once they say their names to me in quick repetitive bursts. I accept it for what it is otherwise I have no belief or trust in whomever I am communicating with or the info they want to share with me. It is therefore NB that I take heed of the name as I was trusted enough to receive their communication and to put their info out there for whomever needs to hear this. I must admit, all through the session I kept on thinking that I will possibly have to contact Corey Goode because I NEED VALIDATION! People will think I’m totally nuts. Perhaps he will too for that matter and that’s also OK, at least I can put the info out there, to be seen by those that need to. He is a Cosmic Celeb dealing with so much unwanted emails after all, the chances of him ever responding to an email is slim to none if I had to guess.

Well, the scene started with me suddenly walking on a foot path surrounded by many plants. The plants were so lush, high and dense it enveloped me and this girl walking with me. We had a canopy of plants and trees above us as we walked through this serene forest setting. Shortly before my meditations started on this particular evening, I was still pretty tense and “switched on” from a very 3D day and family matters (hence the bath meditation) but the moment I came into this forest space the most blissful, happy and content feeling came over me. Like somebody flipped a switch!

“Yes, this is what 5D feel like” she said. And so she repeated her name to me at various intervals while sharing the following:


I may see them more elven-like (slender with silverish-white hair and flowing white robes etc. at times) but they are the same ones that Corey Goode has been in contact with. He referred to them as the Anshar.

Description of Mia Ma’at

Mia Ma’at is a young girl, looking like a 25 – 30 year old with a slender build and long golden white hair. (I could possibly search the internet for hours and still not find a picture that would portray her perfectly, but the one here is a close resemblance.) She is feisty and adamant about certain things while exuding a gentle and serene vibe at the same time. She would be stating facts more aggressively while punching a fist into the other hand’s palm while trying to make a point. I jokingly said to her: “Well that’s not very 5D behaviour, now is it?” She was not offended at all but immediately made me understand how they are emotional beings and with that comes PASSION. She is passionate about their beliefs, their missions, the facts of what is happening around us all and that is how it should be interpreted when she and others like her, express it.

Blue Sphere Alliance

The Sirian/Pleiadian Angels are a part of this. This is a faction of the Federation. Their colours are indicative of the Pleiadian/Sirian/Anshar which are usually Blues (dark/navy/turquoise), White and Silver. The design of the outfits and the colour will vary, depending on the faction, group, mission or level they operate in.


The pure white is what they wear to show their Unity with others like them. In general they also wear other outfits but in sacred get-togethers, meetings or missions they wear white as a show of belonging and spiritual unity with their kind.

Inner Earth locations

Mia Ma’at and her people are connected from the inside ACROSS THE GLOBE. There are enormous caverns and cities and they can gain info and intel from anywhere in the world. She showed me an opening in mountainous rock which look like the slit of an eye when observed from the sky. This is wide enough for their traffic in and out but it is also ideal for them to download info via passing satellites as they sail past the sky above them. This is one way they get regular (and correct!) stats and updates. Think Google-Earth….. She said that if one country owns a satellite and they happen to have proof of undisclosed people/places/activities, this info becomes like intel commodity. That is what the cabal and various countries’ military, intelligence etc. value and also trade with. Whether their own people know about it or not.

Reporting to the Federation

She stated that after gaining info and intel they feed it through to the Federation and the Alliance. They report their findings to the 13th Federation (perhaps a level within the whole of the Federation?) There are of course many factions and levels overseeing the well-being of Gaia and Humanity and only time will tell who exactly everybody is.


She mentioned that humans must start to think outside the box of what they have been told. For example, look at a globe sitting on your desk. If you had to unroll that printed map and place it on the table in an “upside down” fashion, you’ll start seeing more things. Not all things are meant to be seen the way you have been taught to see or understand them. There is much info to be learned for yourself this way…


Again I was shown more in detail how my lineage (and therefore DNA connection) work in terms of the two of us. Remember, I’ve gathered puzzle pieces through the years and now they showed me how they actually connect. Suffice it to say we all have a soul (an extension) which comes from an Over-Soul. One of these soul extensions chose this specific path, lineage and journey for me. The story is told by a man from Vega and I see him at the same time Mia Ma’at starts telling me the story. It is like he starts taking over the narrative automatically and suddenly this has become a round trip across time/space and dimensions!


In this lineage, Vega is where I was physically created with DNA (seeded) the first time. They wanted to be creators of a species and seeded Earth. My very first vision and memory was of me being sacrificed by being thrown into a deep and black abyss by a tribal group that looked very Mayan/Inca to me at the time. Tonight I am shown an Amazonian Pigmy-like person. Short, brownish skin with black hair. They were the first of the tribal lineages and if you compare them to those around the world, the features really do not differ that much between tribes. They created them and did not interfere much further. Obviously they wanted to see how these beings would evolve but when the tribe started sacrificing pure, innocent Vega seeds (and souls who volunteered for it by the way!), the Vegans realized that the tribes are making sacrifices to a dark force/entity (origin ancient yet still unknown), feeding it to grow stronger and fiercer, unknowingly.

The tribe had knowledge, survival skills etc. but they just never got activate by “The God Spark” as I used to call it. I truly still don’t understand the deeper mechanics of how this possibly works but know in human terms it means they never developed empathy, sympathy, compassion, guilt or regret or any such trademark that would allow them to start the process of developing a higher consciousness and creator abilities of their own. The Vegans (or Source?) decided to “pull the plug” on this creation experiment. My soul was recycled back into the Vega system, ready for the next round.

Initially I was told they left the “un-sparked” tribes on Earth to fend for themselves from that day forward and that is ultimately where the Native American Indians originated from. I now know that the tribes basically divided and one group chose LAND and the others chose WATER. The Indian tribes preferred land and all water like rivers and waterfalls already on it was a bonus and much needed.

The pygmi-like tribes chose land close to vast bodies of water or areas that were mostly very damp, like rain forests. Both tribes lived on the Earth but also INSIDE the Earth. Many caves and natural tunnel systems were found and used. I got the funny feeling that instead of destroying the whole creation, they decided to rather have a “survivor” competition with the “un-sparked” leftovers of their experiment. I believe a cataclysm did happen but those that survived did so because they were inside the earth at that time.

I am positive there are still many gaps to fill and more details to be known but I know from there:

Vega sought assistance from Lyra. It was like they had genetic stock left over and perhaps they Lyrans could assist them in correcting their earlier attempt at creation.

Vega, Lyra, Orion, Sirius, Pleiades and 7 other genetic donors combined DNA to seed Earth.


  • My lineage moves from Vega to Lyra to Sirius (+ the Lion People combo) to Pleiades
  • Some say Vega begat Sirius and Lyra begat Pleiades meaning I can therefore calculate that my Vega DNA mixed with Lyran DNA and from there they begat Sirius, hence my Lion People heritage.
  • Pleiadians seeded Lemuria. In previous downloads I was told another structure (possibly Reptilian) crashed into earth, displacing a lot of water – enough to wipe out Lemuria. This large structure was camouflaged to look like a large piece of the earth while being biologically compatible with Earth. Upon crashing into Earth it caused a tsunami-like cataclysm that hit Lemuria. Some of the Lemurians got away ahead of time and went into the Earth. These are the ones that became my and Mia Ma’at’s ancestors. This evening I get told it was the continent closest to the boot (Italy). I’m really terrible with Geography in general and had to look at a world map. I suppose I am referring to Europe then….
  • Over millenia historical battles were still being fought over ownership of earth and what we got to know as myths and legends were in fact just the various overlords trying to exercise a form of control over humanity and all of Earth as creation, in respect of the time they were in.
  • Fast forward and you can imagine that species have evolved and mingled. Inner earth beings met the surviving descendants of the Vegans. They evolved faster together, sharing knowledge from Earth and beyond with another. From here shamanism and healers came to be (fighting that ancient entity became a life long mission), tribes stuck together in order to preserve the pure bloodlines, DNA and the knowledge within it.
  • When Atlantis was seeded by a variety of species, the tribes and inner earth beings continued to practice their way of doing, although they kept tabs on current events. Preservation of the species was NB to them and is inherently still so today.

Indeed a round trip! Only to realize that ALL of us are the descendants of these beings that fought one another to claim ownership of us over – for millenia already. We have become pawns and commodities without realizing our worth.

So why all the fighting in the world today?

Because we are actually only fighting ourselves in a future timeline in search of healing from the past.

Why has nobody ever claimed rightful ownership of us?

Because they cannot and may not! We are a free will/choice planet and have evolved in a unique, one of a kind species to such an extent that we are on the precipice of Ascension which ultimately brings healing and Ascension to all those ancestors too! WE have to unite as a Global consciousness and claim Gaia for ourselves. That’s where we are, so near yet so far.

No wonder our star families and ancestors are reaching out and inspiring us more and more to come into harmonic unity.

If there is only one clear message you take away with you today it should be this:

WE have to unite as a Global consciousness and claim Gaia for ourselves!

Let that marinade while you share this with every Starseed you know!

As always, In Love, Light and Unity



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