Spiritual Ascension


The image of the Jamaican shrunken head in Harry Potter comes to mind and his words “Yeah, Take it away Ernie! It’s going to be a bompy ride!

Well here we are, on the bus. The Ascension Bus. And what a BOMPY ride it’s becoming!

Now, more than ever, it has become of extreme importance that each and every one of you take notice of what is happening around you and why.


It’s the name of the game nowadays and perhaps you’ve not noticed this yourself because you’ve been….well… distracted.

You don’t have to be an everyday news junkie anymore to see that the global politics, corruption, Deep State shenanigans and talks of possible WW3 is monopolizing the MSM. Whichever platform you choose to explore, the contents are filled with newsflashes and the uncovering of more juicy secrets. We can hardly keep up and it’s no wonder we are all captivated by our 3D world at present. We are only human after all. But… we are also Light Workers, Warriors, Awakeners, Healers, Guides and Star Seeds that chose to be here at this exact point in time to assist Gaia and her inhabitants with the long awaited Ascension. We have front row seats to our own show yet we choose to lose ourselves in another’s.

The message I’ve received, addressed to all of us, is loud and very clear:

We are too distracted by current events and have forgotten to do the needed warrior work which will actually assist Gaia to Ascend! Can you remember when last you took the time to take a stroll in nature, do a gentle, rejuvenating guided meditation or just remove all electronics from your environment for an hour, being lost in thought? Yet you somehow have time to browse the likes of Twitter, Facebook or other MSM outlets for the latest political update or Q breadcrumb for longer than is necessary. You do this over a morning coffee, during a bathroom break, at night before turning off the light. What happened to do a quick grounding session when you have a spare 5 minutes? Grabbing a spiritual book while sipping your morning tea? Yes, we MUST find a healthy balance between acknowledging what’s happening in our 3D world vs what we came here to do.

Q very adequately stated that “they want you divided”. Don’t you realize the powers-that-be know that they now have us so captivated and distracted that we are neglecting our work! By keeping us all pre-occupied with the overload of news, less and less time is being spent working on Gaia grid work, doing mass meditations, focusing on bringing love, light, forgiveness and unity to every being on Gaia.

Granted, the solar and magnetic energies hitting Gaia over the last 2 weeks have made things even more strenuous and have only enhanced an already sensitive timeline. Personally I can attest to the fact that it felt much safer to withdraw into my cocoon, to not “connect” to anybody or anything, to not do healing or readings, to just try and get a good night’s rest in order to get through the corporate hours the next day. Emotions are haywire wherever you turn, physical ailments are at an all-time high and the whole world seems upside down. Yours as well as the one around you! Feeling drained and defeated? Not to worry, we are all in the same bus here and as long as you buckle up, listen to your guides and take heed of the well-intended advice, we will arrive in style. Their aim might be to distract and destroy us but they are in for a big surprise as


Do not fear loved ones, we will survive every onslaught, be it man-made, natural or supernatural. We will be the victorious Warriors we know we were before we even reported for duty on Gaia. Love always wins and being forewarned is being forearmed. Do a stock take on your day-to-day activities and decide for yourself whether you are in balance. Listen to your inner voice (Higher Self) and be guided to victory.

In love, light & unity



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