Butterfly Beliefs (BB’s)


Butterflies…. What dainty, precious and delicate beings they are. They endure difficult transformations without knowing what a unique life, covered in the most glorious artwork, awaits them!

Yet the instinct is there…. the instinct to create a safe and warm cocoon to see it through it’s journey on becoming one of Gaia’s most petite, fluttering pieces of consciousness. Unique with every stripe or dot – just like us.

When it’s transformation is complete, the butterfly begins its emergence from its cocoon. It must fight its way out of the old form, through the silky shell into a new world. We are also transcending the old patterns but due to insecurity or fear of losing the success had in old form, we resist discarding them.

We struggle to move through our barriers, old belief systems, out-dated community standards and the fear instilled in us by ancient belief systems. Behaviors that served us when we were caterpillars are no longer helpful. We are en-route to Ascension and inspiration, guidance, tips and some Cosmic Humor along the way will only make the journey more tolerable.

I am in love with butterflies and the esoteric meaning they have. I have found that “Butterfly Beliefs” are exactly what I would like to bring across to my Cosmic family! I  want to deliver messages of motivation/truths/comfort, quotes based on the wisdom, guidance and teachings from all benevolent, high vibrational energy/beings I allow to come through or guided by as a way of being of service to others.

May you find comfort, love, guidance and inspiration to add value to your earthly journey by following these posts!

In Love, Light & Unity

Zee ♥