Definition of a Journey

A journey is an act of travelling from one place to another. In this 3D world we live and work in we would literally refer to a journey as taken movement by way of foot, bicycle or vehicle but in the spiritual community every connection you make with the Higher Self, the cosmos, your guides, a plant spirit or just life in general will be referred to as a personal or spiritual journey.

Journey. What a beautiful word… When I say it I associate this word with a flowing river. Ultimately isn’t this what a journey is? Life! Making turns to left and right, flowing, ebbing, streaming along. To me being on a journey is a means to an end. To be en-route somewhere means you are travelling to a destination for a specific reason. Ultimately there is something you need to see, to know, to experience, to understand, achieve or to do at the destination.

Spiritual journeys develop for various reasons and sometimes people find their whole life is a spiritual journey whereas others might indulge in specific moments only, seeking truth and answers by way of exploring psychedelics, taking plant medicine (read more in Chapter 11), practicing meditation (more details listed in Chapter 12) or yoga and attending spiritual retreats. Indian Yogis or Tibetan monks spend a life-time meditating, learning and exploring their spiritual paths in order to obtain the highest level of enlightenment possible. The methods of travelling on spiritual journeys are vast and the answers can be baffling and beyond understanding by the human mind at times. Nobody could relate more to this than legendary musicians that were way ahead of their time in my opinion. Think John Lennon, Rodriques, Jim Morrison. If you take a closer look at the lyrics of their songs you will realise our cosmos and our consciousness is filled with such wonders and miracles that it can very well take a lifetime of exploration.

Having a “connection” has always been a part of me and as I grew older I had the privilege of trying and exploring several more methods. When it comes to doing serious inner work, not all are easy of course and some require more focus and time than a busy schedule allows for at times. To me, being on a spiritual path though, can be compared to being a Vegan or a fitness fanatic. It’s an actual lifestyle choice you made because it resonates with your true Self and because you’ve made this conscious decision to eat, drink, exercise or explore cosmic matters via alternative methods, it has now become your lifestyle. You incorporate this into your daily life if you can and half the effort is gone because none of it is forced on you by society or your peers. This takes a lot of guts and you should be proud of yourself if you’ve managed to take this step. Remember, you alone are on this path and you alone will explore, learn and develop as a soul and human being. There is this wonderful quote: “Other’s opinion of me is none of my business” and this should always be a gentle reminder that each person is indeed on their own path. Nobody should judge another for the lifestyle choice he has made in order to experience this life he is living. Nor should you allow them to affect you when they do! Live and let live is one of my favourite mottos after all.