Meeting Prïvo

Full Moon Meditation on 22 December 2018

It was a beautiful and peaceful night on our star gazing deck. As I listened to a guided meditation which flowed into meditative music for a further 2 hours, I found myself rewinding the music to start again at least twice.

I was totally immersed in the visions that came through while lying under this magnificent full moon. In those moments I saw all my other selves. The various personalities they had and how we were in fact all just One.

It started off like a personal round table group session at first. All the other selves, each with their own personality, Me, my Higher Self, my Ego, my Alter Ego etc. It was indeed a “sight to behold” and there were various questions and explanations with many humorous comments! It became clear that each personality was in fact a coping mechanism which is installed in every other humanoid being. You get The Joker, The Sarcastic/Sensitive/Serious/Depressed/Witty personality etc. All are “coping personalities” making up one being…ME.

To any 3D person reading this it would probably be instantly labelled as the description of their condition, as described by a mental patient while being reviewed. If this is your point of view, you may as well stop reading now for what my visions and insights entail is not meant for 3D consciousness and the love of judgement that comes with it.


On this particular night I got to experience deeper insight as to who he is and what he does. As my talk with my “other selves” became much more serious and very psychologically in-depth, I started seeing this man doing extremely intricate explanations by way of drawings on a black board. As the personalities would dissect various topics, he would be drawing it for visual effect on the board. He was short with curly, blonde hair and wore a loose fitting, white shirt with khaki pants. He visually presented himself as standing on the beach, barefoot, hands in his pockets and smiling deeply and sincerely. Such a gentle-natured energy radiated from him. He gave me his name as Sergej (precise spelling) and told me he is a teacher in philosophy and psychology as well as an extended guide. He assists “behind the scenes” so to speak as he is not one that I interact with consciously all the time. Suffice it to say that he assists me in my psychological thought processes when I operate in a professional capacity in that healing modality.

He drew tons of diagrams on the largest of black boards, breaking down emotions and psychological effect to the smallest of detail for me. Eventually he took over the narrative from the personalities and gave me insights like never seen before.

Soul Clusters and their Tasks

Sergej also proceeded to explain to me that, in our Soul Cluster, there are many ways to slot in and be of service for an infinite amount of time before, during and after incarnations. He explained how we all rotate on this basis. For example, the “one day” you will perhaps volunteer and go work in the Planning Department, then you will go off and have an incarnation, come back to the Soul Cluster, rest and integrate your recent experience and then head off again to go and work in another department or perhaps even study, if you so choose. The options are infinite due to the “no time” observed in that state of consciousness.


After spending a good couple of hours with Sergej, a face of a Peruvian/Amazonian person started materializing. It was a male with long, black hair and with eyes staring emotionless at me. I couldn’t make contact or communicate with him like I am usually able to and it became apparent as to why Sergej is there…. He started interpreting this man’s message to me which stated the following:

  • He is my Shamanic Guide who made his presence known on 29 August 2018 already, via a fellow healer friend of mine.
  • He is here to assist me with personal healing and to provide shamanic training.

Perhaps this Peruvian guide just needed some assistance to understand/communicate with ME for suddenly I became able to question him and also receive answers. I observed that:

  • His name is Prïvo (precise spelling!) (The name Eduardo also came through a couple weeks later).
  • He looks young, about 30-40 years old, wearing natural, native dress.

There was not much contact from him further that night and I can only deduce that this must have been a short and sweet “Nice to meet You” session.

The next meeting was less than a week later, on 28 December 2018, and that time he came through loud and clear with jaw-dropping detail and info which was very personal in nature and had much to do with my Shamanic work and what training is to be expected.

To date 2019 was filled with prep work and shamanic work definitely intensified in 2020 as foretold. Given the state of the world at present I can understand the perfect timing this all had to happen by. It just solidifies my faith in guides and that truly everything happens exactly when and how it is supposed to. As humans we struggle with having faith when our linear brains are so consumed by sticking to schedules. All you have to do really is “Trust” and let things happen naturally. Like a shaman would.

Perhaps it is indeed time to find the shaman within yourself too….


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